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  1. My thanks to each of you who have taken the time to respond. I appreciate the help. Regards, Stu
  2. Hello, I'm requesting someone translate the kanji for me. It's beyond my ability and I don't have my flash cards at hand. Thank you very much. Regards, Stu
  3. Hello Daniel, Thank you for your generous comments. I'll be in touch with you soon by email. Hello Matt, You are correct in that I'm not active here these days but I was made aware of your post and have now replied by way of private message. I look forward to corresponding further with you at your convenience. Best regards to you both, Stu
  4. Hello SteveM, Further to your comment about the birth/death dates matching, might those just be the Showa period beginning and end dates? Regards, Stu
  5. Yes, that is what I meant. Thank you very much for clearing that up for me. Regards, Stu
  6. Thanks to each of you who have replied. I appreciate your assistance. I can see that the third and fourth kanji are the same as the Masayoshi ones provided above but am not able to reconcile the 1st,4th and 5th kanji with any of those others you have shown. I understand that a single kanji is not like a single letter in the English alphabet but wonder what the other three mean. Can you assist further? Thanks. Joe, I do not have anything more at the moment but anticipate having the sword in hand in about a week. I'll see what I can provide then. It's currently in gunto mounts but I'm hoping it's more than a non traditionally made Showato. Time will tell. Again, my thanks and regards to you all, Stu
  7. Good afternoon gentlemen, I've oriented this as best I can with my computer skills. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Stu
  8. I've been told that it's an alloy referred to as red brass. I do not know the chemical makeup but have noted it in use in several Type 98. If memory serves me it was also the topic of discussion over in the Japanese section of WAF at one time or another. I quite like the look myself. Regards, Stu
  9. Hello, Is anyone familiar with the above noted gentleman, his credentials and his work? I am told his work is done under the oversight of a Japanese polisher. Regards, Stu
  10. OK, thank you both. That is something constructive I can take back. Much appreciated and in my case something I'll keep a watchful eye on in the future. Regards, Stu
  11. Hello Brian, There have been quite a number of this type of thread and I am unable to say if this is the one you refer to. Comments to date on the thread on WAF have been mixed although they started out with "China crap". In addition the number of people commenting is actually very small. The concern of the owner is that such a reply really offers nothing in terms of analysis. Could it be a Chinese reproduction? Certainly, but of what? It could also be a fantasy piece. Compared to the many other repro IJN dirks out there it stands well above their level of quality. Anyway, all info appreciated. I have no financial interest in this piece, just want to see if it might be an authentic piece made for an as yet unknown (to me) agency or organization. Regards, Stu
  12. Here are two additional photos. It has been suggested that this is a Chinese reproduction of a Japanese naval dirk. Given the quality of construction and dimensions I doubt that but would very much like to get feedback both so I can learn as well as assist the owner. Regards, Stu
  13. Hello All, This dagger has recently been posted on a militaria forum (WAF) for analysis and identification. Opinions vary and range from junk to perhaps an unknown colonial piece. I'll quote the presenter here and then supply the photos. If anyone can ID the piece it would be appreciated. Regards, Stu "I'm trying to identify this short sword, which I believe is Japanese in origin (due to its overall configuration and what appear to be chrysanthemum flowers on the pommel, scabbard throat and drag). The "mum's" are seemingly cast into the heavy brass adornments of both the pommel and scabbard fittings, and then have hand-etched enhancements of leaves, etc. The grip appears to be tortoise shell and is wrapped in a single strand of brass wire. The guard / quillion is a simple affair, ending in two "ball" finials. There is a washer on either side with a sort of "serrated" edge. The blade is peened through the pommel, hence I can not disassemble it to inspect the tang for signatures, etc. The blade itself measures 11 3/4 inches long, and has a very sharp edge. The overall length of the entire piece is 21 inches. The scabbard is unadorned steel with the exception of the throat and drag, which is adorned with the aforementioned brass w/ chrysanthemum motif. I can find NO other markings extant on the piece. From what limited reference material I've got, the closest I've been able to come, due to the style of the fittings, is perhaps something to do w/ "Colonial" type swords?"
  14. Hello Daniel, Interesting point you make. I've owned a couple dozen of the Type 3 and handled many more and always found as you say that the versions with two release buttons have been traditionally made swords whereas the single release button types have not. Furthermore the traditionally made examples I have owned have always been star stamped blades although I am aware of others that were not. Regards, Stu
  15. Hi Eric, Some further information; it's now well documented that Type 3's were used by IJA Officers and had nothing to do with Marines or Naval Landing Forces. That Marines story still survives due to outdated and incorrect information in old reference books and on the Internet. Also, here is a link to the site of Moses Becerra that I find useful as a learning tool. You can scroll through hundreds of sword photos in the Sold archive as well as see current offerings. The photos show characteristics in great detail. http://www.nihontoantiques.com/ Regards, Stu
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