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  1. Just to share, and I thought it was an interesting blade with some history....
  2. Thank you Matt! 1855, quite a bit older than I thought. So it is from the Bakumatsu Period. Now to research Buko ju Kunimasa. Cheers, Allen
  3. Hello all, Looking for any help on the translation on this Katana tang. Thank you! Allen
  4. Thanks Bob, this blade and the other I have, a Katana, were found in garage sales....so I was happy to save them and learn from them. Kind of like the first car you bought, it was a POS, but it was yours and you always remember it. I will one day buy a quality blade, but for now I will enjoy these and possibly learn more of their history. This website is a wealth of information!
  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for you thoughts, I do love the blade....but understand it has probably quite a few flaws and "issues".....I do welcome any comments as I learn more about Nihinto.
  6. All, I picked this up about 18 years ago...I do not know much about it, but it was my first blade. Any thoughts or information is appreciated. https://imgur.com/Zeyr0Ro https://imgur.com/03ZiyQD https://imgur.com/ukZYw4T https://imgur.com/5wqcePQ https://imgur.com/Gm8Z2CO https://imgur.com/p0BVZxh https://imgur.com/VZsTmZW Unfortunately, some blade issues... https://imgur.com/MW3wQHj https://imgur.com/YqEsnWo https://imgur.com/hrQFV2b https://imgur.com/A7ZzSTh https://imgur.com/X8UgSFy I common blade that I love....
  7. Hello all, been a lurker for a bit. Just returned from a long absence from Nihinto. I have two tired blades that I had gotten many years ago....looking forward to exploring this world again. Allen (Dallas)
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