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  1. Many thanks to all who replied. As I already suspected, the geometry of the blade would be altered significantly, therefore they simply stay as they are. The blade hasn't been well cared for and does require a polish. Now I will be needing the advice of a UK polisher before deciding which route to take.
  2. Well hi guys. I've lingered on the edge of sword collecting for some time but for most of my life finances didn't allow for a piece of art to sit and be appreciated just by me - my good lady, although understanding, isn't as in awe of Japanese blades as I am. But time moves, mortgages are cleared, pay grades improve and swords follow, so I have one or two nice blades which I hope to showcase at some time. I started tamely with a papered blade which came my way through an auction and closed out at a very low price. It originated from Aoi Art and I purchased it off the chap who had it for several years - a fairly safe purchase. This however is not my question, that's just my introduction. My question concerns Kirikomi. I have a sword (ito maki no-tachi) (currently in storage at an auction house awaiting delivery) which has one kirikomi in the mune and one in the shinogi. I've already researched whether this devalues the sword (I think it does) , so my question is this - can a good sword polisher disguise them? It might sound like a very basic question to many of you, however the sword is out of polish but to my untrained eye worthy of restoring, if only for my own delight. I like it enough to consider the expense. The blade is signed Bizen No Suke Muentsugu. My understanding of any polishing process, is that it removes material. I've often seen it stated that a good polisher can remove some nicks to a blades edge, but I don't see how without reprofiling the blade completely. Clearly I have much to learn, hence asking the question. I understand there are no 'fully qualified' polishers in the uk, however this blade may not be worth a trip to Japan so decisions and discussion will ensue. The damage: Many thanks in advance. GrahamC
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