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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I e-mailed Aoi Art, and although I am not 100% sure of the response, according to them the Showa 47th on the paper is the year of Registration certificate was published. Since we have 2 Showa 47 dates, that may explain one... perhaps the September date? Maybe my imagination that the date in parenthesis (Showa 47, August) is the actual date of the blade, and September Showa 47 is the registration? Still leaves me wondering why the nakago has Showa 4. Would love any further info or opinions on this sword and papers, I suppose I am feeling nervous looking at my first big purchase in many years. I'm not sure if the recent 2020 papers make it a safe buy, and I'm just being a little paranoid. Thanks!! Michael S, Columbia MD
  2. I am returning to the hobby after about 20 years of very light reading only. I was more involved at the time where the knowledge and pricing of gendaito was rapidly increasing, and have been considering adding a more modern sword to my collection since the late 90's. For a couple weeks I have been intrigued by a Yasutake katana on Aoi Art - although there a few things that raise some red flags I can not resolve myself. https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-yaguwa-yasutake-saku/?_sfm_era=昭和刀(大正〜戦時中)&_sfm_price=100000+5000000 - The sword is inscribed Showa 4, before his working period - Papers seem to indicate an attribution to Showa 47, if I am understanding the notation... big leap for me on that - The signature and finishing on the nakago seem different from the few references I see on line, old Aoi arts postings, postings on this forum (thank you) and the yasukuni book I have. Although quite showy, the work in the blade seems more like his post war work. If legit, I am 100% ok with that I like the blade for what it is artistically, but don't want to get into something problematic... A purchase of this level is not a regular event for me, and I want to get it right. Not worried about resale, just a fair deal. I would love to hear any opinions on this offering. Thanks! Michael S
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