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  1. Hi, I would be afraid of accidentally hitting the blade (instead of the wedge) with the mallet.
  2. Hi, Unfortunately the Nakago of my Nihonto ist stuck in the handle of the shirasaya. Therefore I am looking to buy a Nakago Nuki. Preferably from within the EU but all offers are welcome. I might also be interested in wooden wedge to remove the blade in case it ever gets stuck within the tsuka (of the koshira). Many thanks.
  3. Hello, Thanks for the advice. I managed to remove the stain with some alcohol. So it probably was old oil. I re-oiled the blade (with less oil) and put it back in the shirasaya. So hopefully everything will be OK.
  4. Hello, I recently bought my first Nihonto and I am quite happy with it. The blade came in the shirasaya and was well oiled. However I noticed a single dark/brown spot on the blade. Please see the picture below. Is this a rust spot and should I do anything about this? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, I was wondering how much it would be to have a shirasaya and a tsunagi custom made for nihonto? Thanks.
  6. Hello, what is the length of the blade? Thanks.
  7. I also live in central Europe and the climate should be comparable to Paris (nearest sea is 100km away). I think I will leave my blade in the shirasaya and display the koshirae on a wooden blade (tsunagi). I am bit unsure about putting an oiled blade in the shirasaya. Wouldn't the oil damage the wood of the shirasaya? @Jean, So you recommend to oil the blade before putting it the shirasaya but during your collecting years you did not? Did your blades catch any rust back then in Paris being unoiled? Thanks. faust
  8. Nice Tsuba. What is the thickness of the Tsuba? Also I understand that there are no papers included. Where did you get from? Thanks.
  9. @Katsujinken What's an anti-corrosion bag? I imagine that would look bit odd in a display cabinet. Do you oil your blade (and leave the oil on) before you put it in the shirasaya?
  10. @Christian Thanks for the advice. So you actually just present the bare blade. No saya , no shirasaya? faust
  11. Ok, Thanks for the advice. Another question: If for some reason you have to touch the blade ( for cleaning, oiling ect.) would you wear nitril of cotton gloves? Would that be advisable?
  12. @Bruno, The nihonto would have a shirasaya as well a complete kashira (with saya). I was thinking that the nihonto would display better with the kashira fitted on (instead of being in the shirasaya). I am also worried of screwing up the exchange of the blade from the shirasaya to the koshirae so I was thinking about leaving the blade in the koshirae all the time.
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