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  1. It is indeed my first sword of any kind! Been passed down to me by my father who received it from his. Appreciate all the help thus far from everyone! Definitely want to try and find someone in my area (on the east coast) to take an in person look at it and give me as much info as possible as well as a possible appraisal (just for curiosities sake)
  2. Last photo I could take without being beyond obnoxious. Let me know if there’s anything else I could possibly take a photo of. Can’t wait to hear from y’all! Thanks so much
  3. Updated photos will follow in as many posts as needed based on size of image:
  4. Recently received a sword that to me appears to be from Japan from my grandfather who served in WWII. Looking to find as much about the sword as possible here given I have no background or expertise in the area. The signature on the tang is able to be seen in person but have had near impossible luck getting it to appear in an image. May have to try and hand copy the signature to paper to at least see if someone recognizes my poor attempt at copying it (not sure if that’s something I should try and do). Any and all help is beyond appreciated. *No responses will be used as info/facts/professional opinions on any kind of listing* This is just for my own knowledge on what I have. *Happy to post any additional pictures that may be needed as I’m not sure what pictures are the best to post and didn’t want to inundate the thread with unnecessary photos* Andrew S.
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