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  1. I made another habaki for a katana for a customer, I enjoy the work, the result is already quite good. Uwe
  2. I got a very nice kogai and kozuka. Again, I lack the experience to classify the school, you can certainly help me. Shakudo with shishi and waterfall, the kozuka blade with signature and beautiful hamon. I look forward to your answers Uwe
  3. In my first post I wrote that I want to specialize in making habaki. Now I have one ready again. It is a challenge every time, every sword is different, I still have to learn a lot but I am happy about every finished piece. Uwe
  4. The tsuba belongs to a wakizashi. The outfit has the theme of birds. The tsuba is made of shakudo, 7cm diameter, peacocks on a branch of a pine tree, all very nicely finished. Has anyone seen such a work before? Which artist and which school can this work be attributed to? Delicate bird feathers were inlaid in the lacquer of the saya, fuchi and kashira are decorated with a magpie on nanako ground. Uwe Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. Hello, sometimes great wishes come true, my first daisho. Everything fits together well, an identical outfit. The two blades seem to be old, I don't have much experience to judge that yet . A new polish of the blades is certainly no longer possible, the material does not allow it. A nice addition to my collection. Uwe
  6. Hello John, thank you very much for your detailed information. The tsuba was a chance find in an auction and I liked it. I would like to continue with swords that I can afford financially and that are original as far as possible. It is hard to find pieces that have not had some addition, some I have found at auction. I am slowly looking further and am happy about my small collection. I also don't want to commit to a particular period or school. As I wrote in the Habaki , I want to deal mainly with the manufacture. Thanks again for your extensive details. Uwe
  7. Hello Stephen, I tried soot and tape. The first sign is really very hard to read.
  8. Hello, Steven, kanbun, do you think the blade is that old? The chronological classification and the recognition of the school will be a mystery to me for a long time to come. I was glad that I got the sword at an auction. Thanks Uwe
  9. Hello John, thank you very much for the quick reply. Uwe
  10. Hello, I bought a tsuba at an auction. The signature is from Tsunenao, Ichinomija school Kyoto. At what time did the artist work?, are there other pieces by this master as a comparison ? with what price can the tsuba be valued? I have found nothing in my literature or on the internet. Thank you for the welcome to the NMB. Uwe
  11. Thank you very much, i forgot to write in the text that i can read 2 characters, the first one is missing. I will take another picture.
  12. Hello, I have newly registered and ask for help with an Nakago Mei. The blade is 63,6cm long, sori 2,0cm. I do not know how old the blade is. In the appendix some swords from my small collection. Thanks for your help. Uwe
  13. Good afternoon Jean-Pierre, so far these are all samples. If you like I will make the next one for you, but then you don't have a blade for it. What will the Habaki look like? Uwe
  14. Hello, my name is Uwe, I live in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) and have been involved in the production of Habakis for some time, as they are often in poor condition. Here are some photos; I will start with the 2-piece ones soon. All Habakis are exactly adapted to the blades.
  15. Hello, my name is Uwe, I live in Germany. I'm interested in Japanese swords, it's a tough subject and I need help. I would like to show you a few swords from my collection, questions will come later. I want to specialize in making habakis because they are often in poor condition. First of all to me. Uwe
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