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  1. Heh, all! After a few decades of doing martial arts -- and now that I'm teaching sword (kejtusu) to little kids, I think it's time for me to look forward a generation or two. Part of my drive is -- can you imagine? -- repetitive motion from too many thousands of cuts with an Iaito. This also puts my mortality into perspective. So already, I found a new (old) Tsuba to go with one of my Nihonto, and I'm using the story that the Tsuba and FK and blade can tell as a learning path for my students. I realize, this is a decades long process. Fortunately, I have decades. Just not a century any more! Thanks for everyone who has helped me privately get up to speed. And thanks to Brian who put me up to this. Brian bravely faced the gremlins attacking my initial registration process, and I'm confident that he's there for everyone. Cheers Dave L in "rainy, nope it's sunny, now it's rainy again" Seattle Washington USA
  2. This looks great! Is this still available? Dave L.
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