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  1. Thanks Bruce. I realized that the loop is missing after I posted the images. With that in mind it is not for me. Out of curiosity, as I don't own the book that you reference, what is the date range for this dirk's manufacture?
  2. Hello: Can anyone help me identify what may be a Japanese police dirk? I am not sure what era it may be from, or even if it and the scabbard are authentic. If authentic, what is the rarity and possible value of it? I apologize for not have better pictures at this time but can request more. Thank you!
  3. Neil, does your sword tang have a similar coloring as the one that I posted? Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the feedback on my NCO sword. Happy to hear that it is not a fake.
  5. Now an original sword knot would be nice to add! As it seems that some people are selling reproduction NCO swords as original, and with as many reproduction sword knots that I see for sale on ebay, I presume that someone has tried to pass these repro sword knots off as original. I suppose that there is a way to "age" new leather.
  6. Hi Bruce: Based on my limited knowledge, I believe that my NCO sword is a "third type" Tokyo 1st arsenal with the thinner brass tsuba. With the blade tip down, the markings are, from left to right: Suya company, Tokyo arsenal inspection mark, Kokura arsenal. I have attached a better picture of the fuchi of my sword. As to the sword knot, I have seen plenty reproductions for sale on ebay. I've attached a picture of what I believe is the correct vintage one that would be the one to find. Thanks, Steve
  7. Interesting thread...I did not know that so many fake NCO swords are out there. Bought this one earlier this year. Hopefully did not buy a fake! Certainly looks "aged".
  8. Hello: I am enjoying this forum and am very pleased to have found it. Thought I would post some pictures of the NCO sword that I picked up earlier this year. The serial numbers on the blade and scabbard match. Appears to have been well carried. Now I just need a correct sword knot for it. Steve
  9. Hi Bruce: I checked with the current owner of this sword and he informed me that there are no inscriptions on the other side of the tang. Steve
  10. Thank you for the translation! I would be interested to know how many swords with these same inscriptions were made. And in what time period. I checked with the owner and there are no inscriptions on the other side of the tang. Based on what I have received as responses, it seems that these are non-traditional swords with what I have been told is western steel. Manufactured for officers during World War II. As I collect Japanese items of this era, but have not yet ventured into the shin gunto arena (other than owning an NCO sword), I don't have a good idea of the value of this specific sword. I posted pictures of it in the military section of this forum. I am posting the same pictures here as well. Again, thank you for the translation. Steve
  11. Hi Bruce: I did a search on this forum using "Kunimori". It came up with a topic started on July 23, 2018 titled "Help With Miyaguchi/ikkansai Kunimori Please". In July of this year someone posted the attached picture of the tang of another sword. The inscriptions appear to be the same as the tang picture that I posted, don't you agree? I went ahead and posted the sword pictures on this older topic as it seems that there is an interest in knowing more about Kunimori. I am told that the steel is not tamahagane and that these types of swords were not made in the traditional method and were produced during WWII. I have also been told that these swords are valued from 3K to 5K, which I found somewhat surprising. I thought they would be about 1/2 that amount. Steve
  12. Is it typical that there would be inscriptions on both sides of the sword tang? And can a breakdown be provided as to what each side separately says? Thanks!
  13. Thank you for the feedback. I am somewhat surprised that the value would be that high, considering the straight hamon and that the steel may not be tamahagane. I will look up Kunimori on this forum.
  14. Hello. I am new to this forum. I posted, in the Military Sword section of the forum, some pictures of a sword. In case this is the more appropriate place to post a request for assistance with the translation of the inscription of the sword, I am also posting here. Thank you for any assistance!
  15. Hello. My first post here on this forum. Can anyone provide me with assistance on the translation of the inscription on this sword? I believe that it is of World War II vintage. Also, any feedback as to the rarity and value of the sword? Thanks!
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