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  1. That is just residue where the Habaki was.
  2. Nice, Thanks for the reply! That website seems like a good resource.
  3. The total length if you count the tang is 18 inches. Thanks for the comment -Jeff
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for the comment. It does look like Hira-zukuri to me. The total length if you count the tang is at 18 inches. I took some more photos for you. hope they help. Thank you! - Jeff
  5. That is great information! Thank you, I will do my best.
  6. That sounds good. Thanks for the input.
  7. What kind of other photos could help? I can see if I could take some. Thanks. Cheers to my Minnesota family.
  8. Thank you! I just applied some Choiji oil after I took these photos. I am looking at cleaning up the Tsuba right now with ivory possibly. Thank you.
  9. Hello, My grandfather passed this year and I received this sword from him. I think it's a kanmuri-otoshi Shinshinto blade, is this correct? (Based off of information I got via Facebook) But I am wondering how I can tell from what period the sword is from. what do you think? The blade itself measures about 14 inches. Thanks -Ozymay (Jeff)
  10. Hi Grey, name is Jeff but ozymay is my online user name. Thanks for the information. I was given it recently as a gift, so I was curious about it Oh Nice, I am in central Minnesota near the Brainerd Lakes area. -Jeff (ozymay)
  11. I recently acquired this and still am learning about Japanese weapons myself. To me it looks like a Kaiken or Tanto with a brass casing on it and possibly the Tokugawa family crest. Any ideas on how to remove the handle casing to see a signature? Or even an idea on how old it could be? Thanks -ozymay
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