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  1. I'm getting notifications now, but then the board went offline for a while! It figures. Gentlemen, thank you for your advice & recommendations! Given its condition & missing parts, I have no illusions about value, and not expecting to "get rich" from the sale. I just don't have the room to keep it any longer, and want to see it go to someone who might appreciate it. There's a large regional gun show coming up this weekend. I'll take it there first to see what may be offered. Thanks! Sean
  2. Peter, sorry for the late reply. I don't get notifications from this forum, perhaps that's normal. Thank you so much for the detailed information! The dating in particular is excellent! I would not have realized this was a modification without the help from everyone here. I'm still perplexed as to where and how a percussion cap would fit though, but there may be a missing part. Also hoping to find someone who can appreciate it for what it is (such as yourself) to provide a new home. Sean
  3. Jan, Piers, thank you both! The modification & replacement barrel could certainly account for the unusual features that I couldn't find on other examples in my research! I was surprised by the internal vs more typical external spring. I'm not very familiar with firearms in general, and know nothing about these antiques at all. Now to find somewhere that I might sell it, though value is bound to be significantly diminished by the modifications & damage. Thank you! Sean PS. I've added 2 more photos to the page: close-up with hammer cocked & overall showing length (130cm OAL, 100cm barrel).
  4. Hello everyone: I've been trying to research a number of Japanese antiques/collectibles, one of which is a Tanegashima gun, when I came across this forum. From the research, it seems this is from Sakai/Osaka region? But I haven't found anything else with the same physical characteristics. Web page with 15 photos: http://www.nulltime.com/antiques/gun/index.html Hoping someone here may have some insights. Thanks! Sean
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