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  1. Thanks for the replies! I passed the info on to the owner and also directed him here so maybe he will join if he has more questions or other items to present. I'm really glad I found this place and although I know nothing about this hobby I do appreciate all of the help provided. Thanks Brian
  2. Hello, my friend owns a gun store and apparently he traded for this sword today and wants to see if anyone can translate the writing on the fabric or give any idea how old it is. I appreciate any help. He didn't say how long the blade is, but he did say there is no writing on the tang.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I am glad I asked!!
  4. Good Afternoon All, I am a military arms collector and have absolutely no knowledge of Nihonto. I have always been impressed with the beauty and quality, but I figured it would be safer to stay with what I know. Well today I was looking around an obscure auction for military arms and I found this dagger for sale in the auction and the price at this point is under $200. I am curious if this may be something valuable or is there enough info from the photos to make a determination? Thanks for the help and I hope you all don't find it rude to pop in here just for a question... I do hope to learn more about these items and hopefully make a purchase Brian M
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