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  1. Thank you. I touched the blade by my finger for the first time, I can feel the edge is higher than the patterned side, it is etched , it is true it is a fake blade.
  2. Thanks for your comment. You can not judge this blade by normal Nihonto standards. It is super rare, no bladesmith want do it or it is asking for bankruptcy. For this kind of patterns, defects can not be avoided even today. Here is a youtube link for a 800 layers blade 21:18https://youtu.be/IEOU4V2o1pU?t=1278
  3. Thanks again for your opinion. The blade seems have patterns of all major schools. That's why you think of damascus and for the emperor. No need to do anything about the tang, the patterns extend from the blade is beautiful enough. And for the dye work, it is the smartest way to fight color fading. Please check this photo, does it look like high end quality you are used to be now?
  4. Thanks for your comment. Do you notice how elegant it is ? In Chinese culture, the red color is basically reserved for Emperor use only. This koshirae is covered in rayskin, every grain is dyed with red color to be egg like 魚の卵, super rare and with great effort. Also, the mountain like pattern maybe a clever transform of Ayasugi hada to cater emperor's taste. It looks beautiful just like those in Shan Shui,( Shan shui refers to a style of traditional Chinese painting that involves or depicts scenery or natural landscape). Please check the attached blade pattern, I don't understand where the poor quality come from.
  5. Thanks for your comment and your welcome. IMO, it is imported from Japan for Chinese emperor . If as you said made in China, it serves the same purpose, for Chinese emperor. Pattern of this kind is super rare, because it is very difficult to achieve and scrap easy.
  6. Thanks for your comment. The koshirae along indicts the blade is not a normal one, in my novice opinion
  7. Fake blade, etched pattern The post is edited to discuss the koshirae only. Dear All, Greetings from Canada! I am new and all my limited information about Nihonto are from internet. Please share your thoughts , knowledge and comment. The koshirae looks elegant and concise. All fittings have a lot of Chinese characteristics. Red colored rayskin scabbard with 9 bats means "hong fu shou qi tian" ,"洪福壽齊天"in Chinese. The bat is not a simple bat, it has a longevity head, and a hidden monkey face, combines auspicious meanings. The tusba has a "Lou han" who tames the tiger without a fight. Maybe the highest honor for a warrior. Please note the philosophy here. Both ends use horn material. The handle end has a white though line, means the blade is a sharp one,you can cut through your enemy.The scabbard end has a short white line, means the opponent can not cut you through. There are willow strips decorated on the outside of the handle and the scabbard, which are rare to me. The menuki on the handle also has a nice meaning: triple dragon courage,"三聯龍膽" in Chinese. So, the blade is fake, the red rayskin koshirae seems pretty good, but a real koshirae can not protect a fake blade. Again, please share your thoughts , knowledge and comment. Thanks in advance.
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