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  1. Thank you Geraint.i very aware to not mess with the blade and nakago.i do however have experience in saya repair and making new saya as well as tsukamaki. As I mentioned no sense in making a new saya until the blade has had polish it’s not like the old saya will cause more damage to the blade in it’s current state.
  2. I plan on restoring everything myself except the koshirae and blade.i have some nice fish battling oar menuki and some blue grey silk ito coming in the next few months.i don’t plan on selling as the more time I spend with it the more kind of like it.that being said its a possibility it will have to eventually go to a new owner. After I do the tsukamaki and fix the original saya “for now as it will definitely need a new one if it get a polish lol.id definitely like to have a fare estimate value so the both parties are satisfied. If anyone can help it would definitely be returned by donation to this forum.i plan on being here for a while. Thank you
  3. If I was to sell it what would be a reasonable asking price?
  4. Thank you for the reply I’ve corrected my post and added my name.the says is in bad condition hence the tape lol. Should I invest in a polish?
  5. So I’m no expert but that being said this is the limited knowledge I have on this o-tanto?/wakizashi? All the fitting have the same wave themes as well as a rain pattern on the Habaki.the blade is of unokubi zukuri shape and is mumei “no worries about it being gemei “lol and that’s about it unfortunately Any help with trying to pinpoint the period and maker if “possible “ of the blade and fittings would be greatly appreciated. David d
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