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  1. Considering what someone not into nihonto might understand by this sentence kept me laughing way more than it should! Looking forward to what your oil based cleaning can come up with. Keep us posted!
  2. Hammer price was $ 85,000. The price listed above includes BP.
  3. Robert, for a small fee Markus Sesko offers a full translation service for NBHTK certificates which comes to you as a PDF file that you can print and keep along with the certificate. This way you will not have to search for this thread in years and puzzle back the individual portions. Especially since we are talking on a Juyo blade I think it should be worth it. I'm sure he'd do the sayagaki as well.
  4. It seems to me that the white balance is incorrect since your picture has lots of red in it. Make sure to have the correct setting and then re-take them; when reworking avoid using settings such as "auto tone" or "auto color". Additionally the outer border where the "black part" begins is extremely sharp, especially when looking at it in full resolution. The therefore extreme contrast from a white pixel whereas the next is dark and not even where it "jumps back a pixel in the row below" (tough to express things like that when not a native English speaker, I hope you nevertheless understand what I mean!) there is a single pixel that tries to smoothen this contrast, it simply looks like done in minecraft when looking at it in detail. I highlighted some of the later mentioned details in the attached picture, maybe this makes it easier to understand. You might also try experimenting with HDR pictures, especially since it anyway is a still picture.
  5. Not my fingerprints since I did not touch any of the bare metal - didn't see them in person, otherwise would had wiped it though. Thanks for the translation of the tsuba signature! So this one is muromachi period?
  6. Has anyone ever seen such a "dark line" within the blade before? Any possible explanation for this? Thanks for the translation @Toryu2020 - is this the full signature or do you think a part has been cut off? And which period does it date to?
  7. @Geraint, once more thanks for the help! I missed to measure all blades individually, might be doing this next time. I was limited in time and during taking the blades apart and doing pictures the phone rang like every 5 minutes as well. Had not even had enough time to enjoy the blades myself! Noticed right now that I seemed to have missed to take an overall picture of this blade at all - damn, I should had done better.
  8. @Grey Doffin, thanks for the translation! Would you mind telling me which Masatoshi this is? I got several results for smiths with this name, hence my question. @Geraint, the koshirae is very cool to look at, especially since additionally painted on. Re the length, for what I remember this one was slightly above 30cm, so very short.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Does anyone have an idea on the smith/can help with translation? @Bruce Pennington, I can at least tell from handling it that it really looked great for a WWII blade!
  10. Last pictures for this blade and also last pictures of this collection.
  11. Tsuba pictures are always of a larger file size, hence less pictures in this post.
  12. Finally feel very sorry for having posted so much threads .. well, this now is the last thread! I think he had a passion for koshirae where the saya has red color on it since this one falls also into this scheme. This one here had an oddity which was tough to picture and the reason why I took so many pictures - having it in hands it seems there really is something black in the blade, right at the hamon. This is best visible in picture 13, 18 and 19 (will be later picture posts). This is how it really appears when having it in hands. It appears to have a bit of a signature on the very bottom which might had been (partially?) lost over the time.
  13. Last two pictures attached which are basically closeup of the signature on the tang.
  14. Tsuba is unsigned, but the blade has a signature on it. I'm also very keen to hear who made this blade!
  15. This one is a very interesting blade to look at in person. It has a hamon which appeared flamboyant to my amateur eye. This was tough to picture using a mobile phone on a table only having the light through the windows, but I hope it is at least a bit visible in the pictures. This one was extremely heavy to handle, especially in comparison to the others. I really liked this one a lot. There is one bad though, the top mekugi ana seems to be drilled and I thought it was made to make it fit to the koshirae.
  16. Couldn't fit the last one so a separate post. Sorry.
  17. These here show the tsuba and the tang.
  18. I already have a bad feeling for "spamming" this forum section, so please forgive me if I post all of the six blades individually. Knowing little to nothing (and that is even more than the owner knows!) I however had hoped to get more help in here. This one is unsigned and has a rather straight hamon. The Tsuba though has a signature on it - sorry if I pictured it upside down.
  19. Well, it seems that I really liked this one very much since I took so many pictures of it that I have to do three posts to include all of them.
  20. Additional pictures. Very keen to learn on what the signature on this one reads!
  21. This one was very special to me. Not only the Koshirae was wonderful to look at with carps as an overall theme, but I also highly enjoyed the naginata shape with the hi.
  22. Last pictures I have of this blade.
  23. Referring back to the original thread where I posted general information: This is now the second blade of his collection. What I missed to picture with the blade in this thread here is the wonderful saya/texture on the outside. It is not only lines, but has several times applied what looks like roses to me. The blade looks to be quite out of polish and has been remounted a few times. Tsuba of this blade has a signature on it too.
  24. Last few pictures I have of this blade.
  25. A friend of mine who also collects firearms as I do (and where I know him from) once told me that he inherited a few blades from his father who had a huge passion for Nihonto. He promised me to one day show me those blades. Due to COVID and him living further away from my home it took us some time to finally find a possible date. While he in advance told me he would rather not want me to take them apart we then agreed that we'll look at in person and see if they are easily disassembleable and then decide if they can be taken apart. I told him I'd do a lot of pictures and hopefully find others who will help me to learn as much as possible on his blades to pass back the information to him for him to keep it with the blades (since they are from his father he wants to keep them and not sell). In place I was amazed to learn there were a total of 6 blades that he had. Of those six he obtained five prior to WWII and one post WWII. Since he lived in Vienna and due to him having studied medicine it allowed him to stay in Vienna and care for the wounded (as far as I understood). Due to frequent bombings in which his collection once nearly was destroyed he rented a small storage inside St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna where he managed to safely store the blades during WWII. Anyway, to get to the blades - I'll be posting them in exactly the order I took the pictures. This means I'll be starting with the blade he obtained post WWII which quite obvious is a blade in military mounting, so a WWII blade. I know this is the incorrect forum, but to keep all threads in the same section (at this point: I had considered posting all blades in a single thread, but due to the larger number of the blades I think this would probably be confusing so I will post individual threads for each blade) I'm nevertheless posting it here.
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