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  1. Adam- I think you did a great job on the pictures....nice blade! Rick
  2. Mariusz - Thanks...I'm glad you posted this question. And thanks to the guys that explained it. I would have also called it fake...just because Ive never seen that type of hamon before. I love this site....get to learn something new everyday! Rick
  3. Rickisan

    crane season opened

    Jean - Very nice ! If your cozy nest should ever come down with "crane flu"....I would kindly adopt 1 of your birds! Rick
  4. Hey Robin - I like it,(nice pics) but cant help you with many details...because still learining myself. I do know the tsuba pictures on your web page are upside down. I'm sure the pro's will chime in soon. Cheers- Rick
  5. Ford, Whatever your decision is...I'm sure we will learn to accept it. Just dont go out like Ringo Star....and ignore the fan mail. Rick
  6. Rickisan

    My Munemichi

    Dear NMB - Almost forgot to thank everyone who commented about my Katana. Yes, shes Machi-Okuri...and apparently not the best, but we all start somewhere. I really do appreiciate the knowledge and advice the board members share with the new guys! Thanks again, and if anyone else has any additional thoughts/comments...feel free to post them! Rick H.
  7. Wow..I like that too...watch out Stephen, i'm gunning for ya! Rick
  8. Shan- I think we are in the same boat....waiting for it to come in! Mine is also in the process...might be done about the same time as yours. I will try to dig up the "old rusty" pics... once I'm near my work computer. Will send them out soon. Rick
  9. Carlo- Thank you very much!! ....still wondering if there was an age limit,(so to speak) for a teen to carry a sword. Thanks again! Rick
  10. Hey Gang - I have what I'm told could be a boys day sword, in the process of polishing. Now that I have a few months to wait....I started wondering about "boy's day swords". A search here came up with a few items, hoping someone might have a little time to give their opinion. If they made them just for boys, is it correct to assume a person/child would have to be a certain age,(back in those days) to have / carry a standard sized blade? Could it possibly be a right of passage to get one, or graduate to the standard size? Also, In the few examples I have read about it seems there were actual ones made by and signed by big name smiths. Possibly common for a parent to commision one for a child? Thanks for entertaining the question, I look forward to any answers or info :D Rick
  11. I can donate an extra book...The Connoisseurs Book of Japanese Swords...in great condition. The items I have in my collection...not many here are interested in, I'm in that low price bracket...that doesnt seem to get many hits :D I'll just stick with buying lots of tickets! Rick
  12. Brian- Thanks! Just wondered how far in advance you start things off, your reply answered everything. Stephen- I might only have "lint" in the bank at the moment... but I'm good at saving up for special occasions! :D Rick
  13. Brian- When do you guys start selling tickets for the big Raffle...like last years event? Feelin' lucky, Rick
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