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  1. That's really nice I can't never get tired of these Tsubas. Roy
  2. Here are some much better pictures i was able to use a toothpick and uncovered extra marks/mark finer detail maybe this will help in translating this mark or mei,thanks Roy
  3. Thats what i was asking about maybe translating the mark-makers mark,and not the swords mei. It was on the sword signed Hankei thank you for input.Can anyone read the Mei??thanks Roy
  4. I finally got the HABAKI off my sword it's the one posted Help with sword HANKEI-looked inside and it's signed?or Dated can someone translate my need cleaned out by tooth pic thank you and God Bless Roy W.
  5. Wonderful tsuba very rich culture and history's window of the past
  6. How would i reach him i'd love to have it looked at,thank you so much for your help i wonder what his rate is?I'll contact him thank you Roy W.
  7. I wish knew what or who could have made it.One side is covering up the center where maybe could've have writing(i wish) is Namban good??
  8. very nice it's incredible how they made these and the age is awesome
  9. It really needs a polish and tip fixed,you can see the hamon at angles should i get it polished before the show.The goal i have is if anything authenticating the Mei,signature
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