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  1. Thanks Tom! Have a nice weekend!
  2. To clarify, the Tachi was already in polished. However, Paul has inspected the Tachi carefully and found 4 small scuffs and therefore has recommended a polish. Thanks
  3. Paul is a great guy! Thanks for your well wishes!
  4. Haha... I didn’t.. To clarify, the Tachi was already in polished. However, Paul has inspected the Tachi carefully and found 4 small scuffs and therefore has recommended a polish. Glad that Paul has spotted them...
  5. The following are the calendars of events as per the regular updates from Paul: * 22/7/2017 Send Tachi to Japan * 3/8/2017 Tachi arrived Japan. Sword in Japan custom * 8/8/2017 Application of license * 23/8/2017 Tachi sent for polishing * 9/10/2017 Shina * 24/11/2017 Results of Shinsa * Tachi in preparation for exhibition, make an oshigata for the Zulu etc * 10-20/5/2018 Juyo Token Exhibition * 6/6/2018 Tachi back to Martin * Application for exit permit * 3/9/2018 Tachi back in Singapore * March 2019 Juyo certificate received in Singapore. There are some delay owing to my change of home address but Paul has been very helpful. The Juyo certificate was missing in mail and it was sent back to Paul. Paul has no resent it back to Singapore again. The whole process has been very professionally managed with constant updates from Paul as per the above calendars of events. Highly recommended, Thanks Nihonto Message Board for the recommendation !
  6. It’s the reflection from the photo..
  7. Just a note to thank Paul Martin from,The Japanese Sword, for his wonderful professional help in submitting my Tachi for polishing service, and Shinsa submission. The papers have arrived and the entire process is now complete. Thanks again!!
  8. Thanks! The journey is long but enjoyable..
  9. Before and after polish ..
  10. Hi! Yes, I was lucky. It has passed Juyo. Still waiting for the Juyo Zulu page.
  11. After almost a year, my tachi is finally back from Japan! Once again, i would like to Thank Paul Martin (The Japanese Sword) for his professional help through out the year!
  12. Managed to find the following. For those who is keen top visit in 2018: Contemporary Swords and Artworks ― The Ancient Techniques Inherited for Generations Collaborated Exhibition of “Exhibition of Newly Made Swords” and “Sword Mounting and Polishing Awards Exhibition” Date: January 19(FRI) – March 25(SUN), 2018 Hours: 9:30 – 17:00 (Last admission at 16:30) Closed:Mondays (The museum opens on Mondays that fall on national holidays, in which case the museum is closed on following day) Admission Fee:Adults 1000yen Members 700yen Students 500yen Children under 15 Free The Japanese Sword Museum
  13. Hi! As part of the learning process, I am planning to take a trip to Tokyo Japan in 2018. Anyone knows which months will be the best month to visit where there are Nihonto exhibitions ? Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Thanks & regards Francis
  14. Hi! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Paul Martin for his professional advice and step by step help in submission my Katana for Shinsa! So happy that it has passed !
  15. Thanks ! Do you have anyone to recommend for sending the Tachi in for Shinsa in September ?
  16. I thought the Tachi will be from the Aoe den but after Shinsa, it ended up as Ryumon Nobuyoshi instead.
  17. The internet is very slow here in Thailand and take a long time to load photos...
  18. After a long search process... I was looking for an Aoe but ended with a Ryumon Nobuyoshi 龍門延吉.
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