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  1. hear are more pics of the sword hope this helps
  2. I need help on this it looks like marking on the tang of the blade but i don't know what it is?
  3. Hi I recently got a new katana and the tsuba has some writing on it i don't know what it says as it is too rusty and small and some of the writing is broken also on the seppa of the katana there are nice patterns also wondering if this was made in the modern day? i will post pics thanks for all your hard work
  4. Hi can any one tell my what association this cert belongs to all i know is that he is named kazuo tokuno ps. i have not bought this item just what to know
  5. Hi i need help with translating a NBTHK paper as to also see if it is real or not thank you
  6. so what exactly is this as i bought a wakizashi and i came with this any ideas would be appreciated
  7. Hi i need help with translating this kiwamefuda thank you
  8. Hi i need help with what the tang of this sword says
  9. Hi i am having trouble translating the tang of the sword can any one help also can any one have insight to this smith
  10. Hi thank you for the translations from user name "nobody" I think the first kanji is wrong and i think the bottom second is wrong i will put up a now pic of what i think the first kanji is as for the bottom i have no idea?
  11. Hi i need help with a sword translation i think the sword said BISHYUU MIHARA KAI MASATUKI but i am not 100% sure as i had one of my fiends translate this for me i also have a pic can anyone please help
  12. can you still translate the name of the smith please
  13. I dont know how he got it all i know is that he gave it to me and i did a some research on it and it did now show anything and i was woundering if you guys know about the blade
  14. my grandfather gave me a Japanese sword and it has been recognized by the NBTHK and it says on the tang Fujiwara Ikutoshi who is that and can anyone tell me about him and what he did thank you
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