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  1. You all need to really get a life Yes this sold to me at a ridiculously low price you all dont really have any knowledge on these cases, they are Like a juyo sword the best the top of the line of cases if you read above they cost 20 to 25k To make $15,000 is a fair price for one of these but since i paid what i paid you want it for my price or something closer ? You all have to much time on your hand Complaining like a bunch of old ladies No wonder this message board is losing traction
  2. A portion On this sale goes to the NIHONTO MESSAGE BOARD STUNNING WALNUT EXHIBITION Sword SHOWCASE. These Cost 20K to 25k Brand new And take over 9 months to make Size: Approx 46 x 15 1/2 x 4 inches. Looks Like A Vincent Rickards is well known in rare gun circles for producing custom built cases and cabinets of the very highest quality often with rare specimen woods and materials, The Company has has produced pieces that now display the worlds very finest sword collections, past clients include Holland & Holland (his case display the famous Broadlands and American Cival War Set), Many of the cases now hold the worlds rarest swords . The Case is fitted with gold coloured closures, the handles are fitted with protective covers. The Interior is unfitted and blank ready to be customised to your own specifications, suitable for important swords . Price is $15,000 Thank you for looking Yitzy Email yitz 81 at yahoo . c o m
  3. Wakizashi Some kanji on blade The weight of the sword in its says is 2.39 LBS ! The blade alone weighs 1.30 LBS ! Overall bare blade approx 23 inches Nagasa approx 17 3/4 hamachi mune machi a tad under 1 1/2 If sold here donation made to board yitz81@yahoo.com price $2200 shipping included Thank You Yitzy
  4. Must Sell Last price reduction $1600 Includes usa shipping and paypal Fees.. You will not regret this blade nor will you find another nice one like it for the price. I guarantee that yitz81@yahoo.com Thanks Yitzy
  5. Final Mark Down $600 shipped and paypal included this is a bargain you will see when you have this in hand. Email yitz81@yahoo.com Thanks yitzy
  6. Price drastically reduced for a quick sale $800 shipped in usa The quality is here ! email yitz81@yahoo.com please no pm yitzy
  7. Price reduced $2000 shipped and including paypal fees .... email yitz81@yahoo.com please no pm Yitzy
  8. Lot of 11 bags most of them came direct from Japan one of bags missing string and other bag is a gun sock Bargain price $250 shipped including paypal fee in usa please email yitz81@yahoo.com thanks yitzy
  9. Thank you Brian your point is right on target yitzy
  10. Hi Thomas Thank you its an excellent piece , it is a real monster in hand . I am gonna post the pictures you requested in a few minutes. Just to give you guys an Idea The weight of the sword in its says is 2.39 LBS ! The blade alone weighs 1.30 LBS ! there is some kanji on blade I showed this sword to several people at the sword show and I got estimates of $5,500 to $6000 someone will get a bargain here.! Stephen you are correct my friend... Geraint , no not Kubikiri? as mentioned HiraZukuri John Thank you for the correction yes it is doe hair...... Jean Overall bare blade approx 23 inches Nagasa approx 17 3/4 hamachi mune machi a tad under 1 1/2
  11. I bought this in Japan for $2000 some years back. I am willing to sell it for $ 1100.00 shipping and paypal included in usa, you can contact me via email yitz81@yahoo.com I will ship out of usa but shipping will cost more. This is a very heavy and beautiful sword stand made of the highest craftsmanship and quality , you will be hard pressed to find this one again let alone at the reduced price. This stand weighs in at 71.6 ounces this is a high quality stand thanks yitzy
  12. Japanese wakizashi Hira zukuri . The blade is very heavy and solid it is a meat cleaver..... The scabbard is made of very high quality wood with deer skin embedded in the saya... you would have a hard time finding another one like it $2500 plus shipping and paypal. Email yitz81@yahoo.com no PM please if it sells on here a portion of sale w ill be donated to the board. Thank you yitzy
  13. I have seen blades polished by mr hoffine that have gone juyo!! ys
  14. I have sold sword to quite a few members and have never had any problems, you guys can say Hi if you feel like it... Lets speak the truth here .. Mark contacted me about a sword that was purchased by me on ebay ......He really wanted sword. After a little while I agreed to sell him sword to buy another one, after I had studied it......Anyways I shiped him sword ,I never seen a hagire or any problems to be quite honest.. After mark received sword he emailed me saying what a wonderful sword he was so happy blah blah..... Now heres where it gets interesting a year after sword has been sold to him he emails me saying there is a hagirea....... Well I never seen one, hes never seen one and now a year later he is upset?. I am sorry but you dont buy a sword and inspect it say your happy with it and a year later threaten people......... I made no claims or garentess about sword...Do not slander my name for some bull...... And dont threaten me ..... Respectfully Yitzy
  15. Hi any help would be appreaciated in translating the mei on this blade. thanks in advance yitzy
  16. Thanks guys...I dont collect nco swords and bought it on a whim at the local auction house....It was a lot with koto mino sword.... yitzy
  17. Hi I have a nco sword I reently picked up there are some flags on habaki that I have never seen on other nco swords...... Is anyone familar with these marks? Thanks in advance Yitzy
  18. Here is an excellent video on the art of sword making.. There are six parts to the entire film. I highly reccomend watching it. Best Yitzy
  19. I cant say when it was done.....blade is healthy so can kanji be as healthy as an old koto sword? Its poss it was added later look at some horimono on swords some added now and some orign to sword Yitzy
  20. interesting I wonder why this smith signed this way i have seen a few blades like this before but judging from the nakago this looks\to be shinto koto period. The blade has been forged well Yitzy
  21. Hi All yes I was referring to a nata I have heard both opinions that they are gardening tools and beheading tools. I guess any sword can be used for beheading.. I have seen the clip on you tube of the poor daniel pearl whom was beheaded by sword so I guess my question was answered, no specific Japanese sword made for beheading ? I have heard of other swords from other parts of the world made Specifically for beheading.... I think I am going to put this for a polish the weight of this blade is incredible heavy cheers Yitzy
  22. Thank you chris was that the smiths name and is that a school? Yitzy
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