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  1. Dear Geraint! Thanks for the fast replay, was it helpfull. All the best to You. Peter
  2. Dear All! Please help me at this kanji because i haven't any idea. The first is Sada and ??? and Saku. I can't read the second kanji, pleeeesa help. Thanks in advance for Your help and time. Peter
  3. Dear Matt! Thank You very much for Your fast help.
  4. Dear All! Please help me at this mei translation and identification of the smith if it is possible. Thanks in advance for your help and time. All the best to You. Peter
  5. Dear Stephen! Oh, no problem :-D Yes, has spots of rust but in live not so big. The blade work well at the tameshigiri (no hagire, beafy and strong blade). I think i hold it to me. Thanks for everything. ATBTY Peter ps.: Dear Marius! No. Was not to much. The polishing was my work, but i didn't want to lost to much meat. Old days used at so that flaws red urushi lacquering. For practice will be great to me. Thanks for your opinions and your kindness. ATBTY. Peter Dear Jean! Thanks. I understood your answer but i agree to You, that this blade work well at cutting practise. The tsuka not usual shape. At this shape the cutting faster a little bit... I think if i have a little time nowadays than i'll make a new profile picure :-DDDD Have a great day, thanks again and ATBTY. Peter Dear Franco! Thanks. I think you'd right. But i'm a nobody :-D Importantly to me at the polishing the cutting ability as the beauty. The blde has enough meat for a bigger polish. But never will be usable for cutting. This mean to me the "killed blade". Now just ugly )))) I think i hold myself... Thanks for your opinion and ATBTY. Peter Dear All! Thanks for every member attention. ATBTYA Peter
  6. Dear Stephen! Did you think about the blade? Thanks. ATBTY Peter
  7. Dear Hoanh! I bought this blade not from Tsuruta San. ATBTY Peter
  8. Dear Marius! No problem, you wasn't harsh. The sayagaki translation: 二百円 銘 和泉守藤原國貞 200 Yen Mei Izumi no Kami Fujiwara Kunisada 日高三二 Hidaka 23 佐世保市 小佐世保町一二五六 Sasebo-shi Ko-sasebo-cho 1256 I think this saya is not new... maybe was made before the WWII... i think that about the wood... But i'm not axactly sure. Here is some pix. I'm sorry, but i can' make better. Yes, you saw well, the blade has 3 rust spot. The blade has a fight flaw on the ura side near the kissaki at the shinogi ji too... I hope these informations will be helpful to You and to everyone. ATBTY Peter Pix:
  9. Dear Peter! I don' know why... Maybe the peoples are afraid that the blade isn't original. I think too that would be correct ooffer for this wakizashi more higher. I wrote a limit, under this i don't sell this wakizashi. At this price i give thanks for the offer. If i'll get a good price (what i think for this sword) than i say "amen". Withoot waiting or hasitate. First offer what i think well will be win. If i get better offer what i think than may be surprices too... :-D I'm very curious to offers. ATBTY Peter
  10. Dear Jean! Thank you very much. I think too, but i have to sell... ATBTY Peter
  11. Dear Greg! Thanks. I have to work, but i make some pix and i'll upload them. ATBTY Peter
  12. Dear Christian and Stephen! I'm sorry, i didn't know that... i didn't read... I didn't want to write starting price but if i should... I think under 2000 USD i don't want to sell. I hope it's enough for the rules. Thank you very much for the warnings and your attention. ATBTY Peter
  13. Measures: Nagasa:39,2 cm (15.43") Moto haba: 2,95 cm (1.16") Moto kasane: 7,2 mm (0.28") Sori: 1,1 cm (0.43") If someone is interested, please send an offer. Thanks is advance.
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