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  1. I think a plastic fabricator may be the way to go. There are a lot of great stands pictured, but they seem to be made primarily for koshira. I am really interested to see the stand Barry mentioned. It is an interesting concept. I have been using a light with a flexible neck to capture the best angle, but a stand the changes angles would be really cool. Thank you everyone for the help.
  2. I was wondering were to find acrylic sword stands designed to hold a bare blade. I have been able to find numerous sources for acrylic stands that fit a saya but haven't been able to find them for bare blades. I have seen examples of the stands in displays at museums or special exhibits, but no luck finding them for purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mikevorn
  3. Thanks Brian. There are more photos at the eBay link. It looks even better in person, the forging is really attractive.
  4. I have several books and a nice Akasaka Tsuba for sale on eBay. If purchased here I will give the buyer a 10% discount off my eBay prices and make a donation to the NMB. Prices include PP fee but not shipping. I ship insured media mail in the US, (which is very reasonable,) or a faster service if preferred. Will ship internationally only to countries with tracking ability. Please contact me for international shipping quote. 1. Iron sukashi tsuba signed Akasaka Busyu Jyo Tadatoki, (6th generation.). This tsuba dates to the middle Edo period. It is a beautiful tsuba with fantastic Jigani on which two dragons are engraved. Forging marks are clearly visible on the tsuba and it has a nice rich patina. Diameter 2.98" X 2.84" .19" thick at middle of rim. Comes with NBTHK Hozon paper verifying authenticity and quality. $899 eBay $809 here 2. "Nippon-to art swords of Japan." $80 on EBay $72 here. 3. "Sasano: Japanese Sword Guards Masterpieces from the Sasano Collection," by Sasano Masayuki. $200 eBay $180 here. 4. Japanese Master Swordsmiths: The Gassan Tradition," by Morihiro Ogawa 1989 $50 eBay $45 here. 5. "Early Japanese Sword Guards: Sukashi Tsuba," by Sasano Masayuki. $170 eBay $153 here. 6. Mino-To: Swords and Swordsmiths of Mino Province and Supplement by Malcolm Cox. 1993. EBay $110 Here $99. My eBay link is below http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=mikevorn1998&_pgn=1&isRefine=true
  5. Donation made to NMB for sold book. Ending sale of 2nd book. Thanks
  6. #2 100 masterpieces available again.
  7. For sale photos are in the links if purchase is made on NMB a donation will be made; 1. Tsuba Kanshoki by Torigoye, 1975. This is the version with English descriptions. Price $325 including PP and domestic, (USA,) shipping. I will ship internationally but shipping not included if you want an international shipping quote PM me but remember this is a big heavy book. http://m.ebay.com/itm/121582551405?nav=SEARCH 2. 100 Masterpieces from the Collection of Dr Walter A. Compton. Price $80 including PP and domestic, (USA,) shipping. I will ship internationally but shipping not included if you want an international shipping quote PM me. http://m.ebay.com/itm/121565786360?nav=SEARCH Taking this as a loss in hopes of quick sales for another project I am working on. Thanks for looking.
  8. Yep those are the exact same menuki. I am amazed there are more of these props out there, and even more surprised that they have similar designed fittings. I wonder if they were made as movie Noh or Kabuki prop, and if it was one company or group producing them.
  9. Lee, You are are brilliant! What you are describing matches almost exactly with what I am dealing with here. The "tanto" that was in the mounting had a paper thin nakago. There is no way a regular sized nakago would fit in the tsuka. The "tanto's" blade was correctly shaped all be it a little on the thin side, but there was no tempering on it. I had originally thought it may have been a project someone Frankensteined together but now I wonder if maybe it is supposed to go with an boys day display or something. I wonder when these were made as there seems to be more in existence and what the purpose was?
  10. I recently was given a tsuka and was hoping someone could help me with a guess to age or any other information on the fittings. I am pretty limited in my knowledge of tosogu and what very little I do know is about iron tsubas which doesn't help. The fittings don't strike me as very old. They could even be modern, although I think slightly older Meji maybe? I think the f/k has goldfish on it but I might be mistaken. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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