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  1. Thanks Jimi-san I thought it was reasonable as well. I know it is not the greatest time to sell something but I want to unload some things and there is no time like the present. Tony
  2. This is a rather large tsuba I have for sale. I have several different views on the school so I will not even try and post a specific one. I will leave that up to those of you who are far more knowledgeable than I. It was obviously made for a big katana. The Japanese waterbirds are in silver plate which is slightly worn on the high points. The foliage is done gold overlay. If sold on NMB a donation will be made to the NMB. You can contact me via the NMB or by email at tony44@bell.net Thanks for looking, Tony. Height: 4 3/16 inches Width: 3 7/8 inches Thickness: 3/16 inches Price: $650
  3. Morita San, Deeply appreciated. I am not a WW2 nihonto enthusiast but the price was just too good to pass over. Hopefully it will find a good home. Tony Martin
  4. I believe I have the last two kanji for this signature but the first two are proving difficult. Any help would be appreciated. Most probably a Mino maker. Any info would also be appreciated. These modern smiths are not something I have researched. My head is stuck in the distant past. I think that the last two kanji are MasaChika. The first looks like Maru but does not really match up with province or town names I have access to. Thanks for any assistance, Tony Martin
  5. Thanks Piers. The blade is good and was just hoping this might shed some light as far as pinning down where it was made. Thanks for your effort. Tony Martin
  6. Forgot to sign the post. Tony Martin and Tony Martin for this one :D
  7. The omote is signed "Yukihira saku" which is 99.9 gimei. Unless it is a long lost Hosho smith who is unrecorded. However I think these kanji may have been original. I can not decipher them at all. Any help would be appreciated. I added a photo of the blade for those who wished to see the overall blade. Thanks for your time, Tony Martin
  8. Curran I had a sword kept by Canada customs for longer than usual and got to know some of them quite well as I phoned them every day. Sometimes twice a day. I don't think they realized how squeaky a wheel could get. I think that being a member of the police service in Toronto also helped somewhat. I still have the names of the customs officials somewhere. If you need a hand give me a shout. Tony Martin
  9. Once again I thank everyone who helped. I was not sure how that last kanji would be taken for Tomo but the very reputable dealer from Japan stated it as a variant of Kanetomo but did not give the other version Kanemasu. As a result I could not try and cross reference. I have now found one point in the English (Afu) translation of Nihon To Koza that lists a smith Kanetomo who also used the name or was known as Kanemasu (pg51). This might have been what he was referring to when he gave the translation. Under Kanemasu (Era:1467) I also see three varaints in which this smith is known. It is very interesting. Once again thanks for all the help. Now I am on the right track.
  10. I have put this signature as a variant on Kanetomo. Does anyone see any glaring contradiction. If not can anyone hazard a guess on generation. Thanks in advance, Tony Martin
  11. Thank you very much John. It has been bothering me tremendously. I felt it had to be something like that but could not place it. Tony
  12. Forgot to say I believe the first kanji is Naga although it could also be Cho or Osa. I believe the second is Hide. The third is possibly Michi or To. Thanks again, Tony Martin
  13. I am unsure if I have identified these correctly. The three kanji all seem to match those found in swordsmith names therefore I am having trouble in reading this. i am unsure how it would read when it is all put together. That is of course if I have identified them correctly. Thanks in advance, Tony Martin.
  14. A few more views. Tony Martin
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