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  1. Thank you Piers, my polisher sent a message confirming it will ship this month. I have also been waiting for over two months for a couple of tsubas that were shipped by Surface. Tracking only shows when they had sent it out of Japan. Hopefully they eventually arrive.
  2. Have you heard any time frame when EMS might start shipping to the United States again? I sent a sword for polish that has been finished for a while. Patiently waiting for it to return. Frank R.
  3. I just received my tsuba from Mark yesterday. I am very pleased with it. He responded back to my inquiry fast, packaged it well and shipped it faster than he said he was going to. Great to deal with! Thanks Mark. Frank R.
  4. Dear Jewells, I am just south of Utica NY, I am no expert like many here, but have been collecting for a while. If you would like, I could meet up with you somewhere and take a look at it. Frank R.
  5. Thank you Piers, that was very informative, very nice wakizashi by the way. Frank R.
  6. I believe this is one of my older pieces. Late Muromachi Period? Sorry for the sideways photos from my phone, not able to rotate them. Frank R.
  7. That is a great looking blade! Frank R.
  8. I just ordered a few of them as well. Thanks for the link. Frank R.
  9. I picked up this sword a few years ago at a antique shop and put it up on the rack. The blade has two hada ware, but the blade is a thick heavy beast with a large o- kissaki,in WW2 civilian mounts with hangers and the price was right. I couldn't leave it behind. The blade has a 26" nagasa, kissaki is 3" long, the sori is 7/16", mihaba 1 5/16" wide, kasane is 7mm. I was wondering what you guys think about it, how long it was originally, the age. I'm sure it's no priceless treasure with it's flaws / condition. I'm sorry for my horrible photos. Frank R.
  10. Tsuba arrived yesterday. Very pleased with them. Tom is a great guy to deal with. Thanks Again Tom! Frank R.
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