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  1. If a sword with both a mei and a cutting test inscription passes shinsa, does this mean that the cutting test inscription is considered genuine? How can a shinsa team be sure that the cutting test inscription is not a forgery? Tom Woodrow
  2. I have used EBSD when I worked for an aerospace company. EBSD is not currently practical for swords because the sample must fit into a small vacuum chamber and the sample must also be extremely flat. EBSD is similar to x-ray diffraction except that electrons are used instead of x-rays. EBSD can determine the crystal orientation of each metal grain on the surface of a specimen. Tom Woodrow
  3. Does anyone have a copy of MeiTo Zukan vol. 8 by Fujishiro? I need a copy of the article on Kunisada's and Shinkai's mei. Send me a PM if you have a copy for sale or can provide me with a Xerox copy of the article. Thanks, Tom Woodrow
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