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  1. https://sites.google.com/site/orsaihenrik/ My name is Henrik Orsai. I was born in 1963 which was the year of the rabbit. My faith is buddhism, anyway. I am a passional sword maker since my teenages. My blades are machined of warm rolled, modern german springsteel. My sowrds don't have edge, because they are for practicing (iaito) or decoration purposes. I make the mounts of my swords in traditional way, with handwork so my swords are individual pieces. I would like to emphasize that I don't copy the industrial zinc-aluminum iatos. I had the honor to take in my hands and study some ancient Japanese swords, and my works are based these experiments. My blades are usually slightly curved, because I like copying swords from the kanbun age. The popular way of weaving grips is the hineri-maki technique, but I use naka-biku-maki technique as well, which is not so well-known. It gives a comfortable grip,stable and aesthetic. Howewer, my portfolio is a little wider than making swords: -chinese saber and sword making -Painting in Japanese or chinese style -Making sculptures and ornamental/practical things : geta, inro,kakemono, kanzashi etc. -Interior/Outdoor decoration in Japanese style – both include making objects, too. I love Japanese gardens. I learned Kyokushinkai karate, and Muso shinden ryu iaido. Recently could I take a look to the secrets of Katori shinto ryu iajutsu, too. I like simple, clear,elegant shapes. I made my tsubas from steel,bronze or copper. I don't dislike from making copy from a tsuba, especially if the original piece is an ancient, noted and respected school's work. I make sheaths mostly with red-black back-cut, so-called negoro technique, which was a rarity on sword sheaths in the old times. This technique was developed by monks living in Negoro temple, around the 12. century. It gives elegant, archaic effect. Over the above, I make carved,cortical patterns as well,and in optional colours, of course. Please take a look into my photogallery,where you can see a collection of my works. Good browsing! Henrik Orsai
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