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  1. The photohraphs are misleading when held it shows that the bend is lower near the Tang also the colour of the steel is not the normal Shinto colour . Other collectors that have see the sword all go with Koto and one well known collector you may have met in UK goes Koto as well . It can be hard with photographs as the jihada does not show up well on this sword due to bad condition but in hand you can see the details of the  sword better . Thanks for your comment

  2. When the sword is viewed vertical it is more Koshi-zori with a slight Torii sori . Remember it is O-suriage and also has Choji midare in the Boshi which is not common in Shinto swords you can see it but rare. It also has strong Utsuri along the blade not seen that much in Shinto and the steel colour is more Koto than Shinto . The sword is not a Shinto blade the widith of the sword being near constant along the sword to the Kissaki points towards the Mid kamakura or a bit later and the shape of the Kissaki being close to Ikubi. It would be better in hand, other collectors all point to Koto not ShintoThanks
  3. Acting on advise from a world famous Collector and writer of many best selling Japanese sword books . I do not have the sword with me due to Covid lock down but as soon as I do I will send you more photographs Thanks 

  4. New find down on condition . I feel it is very old may be Mid Kamakura Nagasa 64cm , Koshi-zori ,Motohaba 30mm ,22mm at yokote. Has Choji Midare hamon along blade into the Kissaki . Is O-suriage and has bright Utsuri long blade . Also has lots of Hataraki in hamon and jihada .Sword seems blueish in some light .Thanks
  5. Yes its at customs now in US it will come in the next 3-4 weeks if all goes well . We are now in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne . We can not leave our home unless its for food and medical etc . Also we have a 8pm to 5am curfew must not leave our home at all . The bright side is that we can study swords more . I will post photos on sight when it arrives Thanks
  6. The family sent me this . My uncle's name was Gerald Rxxxxs (name removed). He was a hospital Navy Marine Corpsman so most likely assigned to a hospital ship that goes along with your scenario. I am not sure of his rank though. He passed away about 20 years ago. Good job researching this Steve M . Although the characters are some what crude Steve has done a great job connecting it to a hospital as he did not have any information to go with . Thank you Steve the family members were pleased that they received some information about the sword which had been in their attic for over 75 years. Cheers Geoff
  7. Would anyone have any idea what this may say ? Thanks
  8. Could I have some feedback on this mei please . I did find a mei on this site looked close, seems to be alot of copies around . 62.2 cm long small Katana in late war Kaigunto mounts Thank you Geoff
  9. I had an old Tsuka once when I changed the ito and opened the wood apart it had lead in it mabe it is this
  10. Found this the other week not in good polish O wakizashi any thoughts on what it may be the boshi is choji midare has a lot of activity in the Hamon very bright in good lighting . Seems old very wide Hamon Thanks Geoff
  11. Can anyone please tell me what this means please . Thanks Geoff
  12. Can someone tell me what the top Character is please bottom is Kane?or is it Hiro? Thanks Geoff
  13. Can I have some opinion on this new find please . Shin gunto mounted sword with old blade. Nagasa 66.7cm , Motohaba 30mm , Sakihaba 24mm ,Kasane 6mm . O-Suriage Ha- watari 18cm .The tang is very nice smooth dark brown/black colour its been shortened 15-20cm? Thanks Geoff
  14. The Hamon can be seen going to the end of the Tang , I think it has been reshaped at some stage also Nie lines can be seen rising up from the cutting edge, Would this indicate a Soshu blade? Thanks
  15. I just found a Kai gunto with an old blade . The blade is covered with Nie and is very bright when held correctly . I Think it may of been about 90cm when made , looks it may be a Kamakura sword . Any input about it would be helpful Thanks Geoff
  16. Does anyone have the fitting which goes on the bottom of a Kai gunto scabbard ? I am restoring the saya and the bottom one is missing . For sale or trade I have an army one to swap Thanks Geoff
  17. I have some characters on the kai gunto seppa Can anyone tell me what they are ? The right two may be the owners name? Thanks Geoff
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