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Wakizashi Tsuka with Iron Higo Fuchikashira

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Tsuka with iron Higo School fuchikashira. On front side of fuchi beautiful and abstract dragon made with gold nunome zogan inlay, on back side of tsuka single cloud made with the same technique. 

It is a shame that dragon on kashira is severely damaged.

Shakudo menuki decorated with Daikokuten, one of the goods of good luck. We can clearly see all his attributes: mallet, bag of gold and ball of rice. 

Low quality samegawa with no oyatsubu. 

Good quality and tight tsukamaki. 


Length: 15,5 cm 

Fuchi: 38 mm x 24 mm

Fuchi hole: 26 mm x 9 mm 

Nakago hole: 10 cm 

From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 21 mm


I am sorry for just two pictures in the post but my photos are more than 1,5 MB so I can add just two:( 


Price: 340$

More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/tsuka-with-iron-higo-school-fuchikashira-decorated-with-a-dragon-15-5-cm








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