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  1. Thanks Dave…. Yes Stephen posted some great resources. At first it can seem a bit overwhelming but the discovery of this history is addictive. I’m really enjoying the path. Thanks
  2. Thanks much for the great information!
  3. Thanks much. I am learning so much from this board.
  4. I’m struggling to research what and where this is located on the Katana? Thanks
  5. Dan that is great info. Now I’m not looking to sell this. I will pass it down to my son. Few additional questions… Should I have the blade polished and remove the rust? I understand that most antique items should be left as is. Not sure about my Wakizashi? Is the estimated value such that I should have it insured? FYI… also I’ve posted the second sword that was brought back with this one.
  6. This is the second of two that a family member brought back from Japan in 1950. He was in the military. I would like to thank those who helped with the first one. Now as you can see from the photos there are no (smith). Markings. Is this unusual? Any feedback appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the gracious offer. I will definitely keep you posted if I travel that direction!
  8. Dan, thank you so very much for the very detailed and thoughtful information. I will post pictures of the areas that you mentioned shortly. I also have another Wakizashi that is much longer that was brought over with this one but because the pin in the handle is under the cloth (silk) wrap I have been hesitant to try and do too much. Also, I live in Cumming, Ga. about 30 miles north of Atlanta. Again, thanks for helping me learn about this family treasure…
  9. Thank you so much. I am very new to this genre. What next steps should I take to estimate the age? Trying to learn…. Again thanks
  10. A family member brought this sword back from Nagoya Japan in 1950. He was with the US military. It finally was passes down to me. No one knows the exact origin but I was told how to remove the handle and look foe markings. If anyone could provide information that would be helpful. Thanks.
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