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  1. Thank you for all of the helpful information. This gives me so much context, I'll be spending much time diving further into this gun's history. I'll update the thread if I can replace the missing components. Looking forward to posting the next one I find!
  2. Here is the gun assembled. It seems I am missing the flash pan cover, all of the barrel retaining pins, and maybe a sling swivel that would be in front of the trigger guard? The barrel bore diameter 1.27cm I'll be attempting to de breach the gun in the future after some soaking in penetrating oil. The stock also has a hairline fracture where it meets the barrel.
  3. Sorry I missed your answer about the lock above. "*The 善 mark on your lockwork probably indicates one of the known Kunitomo locksmiths, 岡善次郎 Oka Zenjirō. A date for him is not given but circumstantial evidence suggests the Bakumatsu." Thank you again for the information, I'll post more photos / measurements.
  4. The Mon appears to be inlaid with great precision but after reading about the non-original Mon on these later rifles guns, I am skeptical of its originality.
  5. Thank you Piers, your expertise is truly impressive. I will put a few photos of the whole gun on tomorrow. Would this piece have been used for hunting or military type use?
  6. These are the only inscriptions I can see on the steel. The stock is also absent of any inscription.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. Doing my best to learn the new nomenclature, feels like I'm getting into the hobby again for the first time.
  8. Hello everyone, thank you for your time and expertise in advance. After looking over your forum, it seems this is the place to find answers to my questions. I have acquired my first Tanegashima match lock rifle. Below are the photos of the gun dis-assembled. I will upload more photos of the whole rifle. The stock is free of decoration with the exception of one rabbit on the grip area. Basic brass round/ring type fittings are present on the hole/pin locations. I will also update the thread with the barrels bore size. Thank you again and I am very excited to be a part of this knowledgeable group. -Parker Bachelder
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