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  1. I bought stuffs from other members and they actually have me bank transfer. I guess I am in wrong here and I will seek myself out. Sort of open my eyes today. This hobby is not for me.
  2. Is it not reasonable asking about the Hada? I asked for a price break and respect that you didn’t. Ask for a bank transfer because that’s the cheapest way for me after checking PayPal rate. Keep it mind that you asked to sent friend and family. I know to some that price is little but to me it is a lot. Taking time to think about is not that bad. Sending multiple messages to belittle me is not right. I did not down vote you. I did say I was going to buy but after multiple messages, it is better not to have the business.
  3. Why don’t you answer the question people asked? What are you hiding? I felt more personal attack than anything. By the way, I did not down vote you, I don’t know who did. Good luck on your sale. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265464459081
  4. Why don’t you answer the question people asked? What are you hiding? I felt more personal attack than anything. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265464459081
  5. Kind of want to commission a tanto for my family. I bet that would cost me a lot. Are we talking about $10k for a tanto?
  6. Any ideas why the seller take it down? I am happy for him if he sold the katana, but I am real sad that he took it down. I like to reference the pictures because it has the the hamon that I really like. Sort of sad that I miss the opportunity too.
  7. I am linking the thread I mention earlier.
  8. I actually have this oil for my Gyuto. 210mm Mizu honyaki by Kenji Togashi.
  9. There was a thread experiment on different oils here way back in 2015. The collector oil came out on top for protection, so that's why I use that. So applied and then wipe with clean cloth is good. :D Good to know that. I just afraid too little oil sort of defeat the purpose of oiling the blade.
  10. I am using Break Free Collector Long-Term oil for my katana. I wipe the blade clean before I apply a thin layer of the oil. Even with small amount, you can see the oil on the blade. Hence I give it another clean wipe after applying the oil. Is that sort of waste of time? :/
  11. The kogatana. Didn’t know the term for the blade.
  12. I look at quite a lot Kozuka and always wonder why the blade seem unpolished and sometime have quite a bit of patina on them. Was there a reason why? I know there were some that look perfect, but that was quite rare. Please educate me.
  13. @StephenIf you haven’t get it, here is how the communication goes. I contacted Fujiie-San through email and told her what I wanted to get (Type, color). She replied back with pictures confirming the fabrics, length of my Tachi, and if I need the leather on the bottom. Ideally you can just tell her what type, length, leather or not, and address. She will make them and ship out then send invoice to you to collect money. She charged in AUD so the total is around $100 USD for two bags shipped to Oklahoma. I have not received mine yet but will report once I get it.
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