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  1. George Trotter just had a look at, no date, fittings he thinks the finish/bluings just faded-worn, black ray to the handle, gave me heaps as just realised im a kiwi after a number of years of treating me civilly 🤣
  2. Yes ive being telling him to bring in sword so i could check it over as told him it either very late war or a hand made regional copy his father/ grandfather picked up in the war. But script is obviously Japanese and all hed given me so thought id see if someone could read incase it revealed any clues. Thankyou SteveM for your help
  3. As mentioned , only script is on the handle , ie , tang is blank. My question is can anyone tell me whats written on the wooden handle
  4. Workmates grandads sword, looks late late war if genuine but he was to it was from chinese/ Japanese war Only script is on the wooden handle, any help appreciated
  5. Yes rayskin same, Georgie trotters hopefully popping by in next few weeks as i was going to ask him about the fittings as they struck me as odd but dont think theyve been buffed clean removing the normail gilt and paint as condition elsewhere on handle is extremely good and untouched.
  6. The saya 2 tone lacquer and the white swirls look to be sectionalized sea shell pressed into the surface. Yes the iron fittings are very nice.
  7. Retention strap! Mystery solved, reminded me of straps ive seen on antique Japanese purses/ snuff boxes but as this is 2nd ive had knew it most likely issued. Thanks sooo much. Pip ( got to work out how to lighten photos, grey day in Perth)
  8. All handle parts stamped 7
  9. And newly arrived naval sword. Does anyone know what the small hanger knot under the standard sword tassel is? Its the second one ive come across and 1st one i though was a cotton ribbon with pull knot someone had added but now im gathering it was issued
  10. Newly arrived, with civilian wakizashi single fullered signed blade, fits well with the mounts and they look to all be put together WW2 period correct. Apologies but my phone keeps rotating phones when i try to upload🤷
  11. Thankyou for your knowledge, your detail on correct presentation and your mentioning of how my 1st impression as a western sword collector was an echo of earlier westerners describing this style of tsuba. Greatly appreciated.
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