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  1. Thanks. Let me know of course if I'm not capturing the right stuff or the light is wrong. There is a hamon visible in the right light, which from my reading it looks like polishing would help bring out, though it's not apparent in these pictures.
  2. Mywei, SteveM, thank you both. From browsing the forum it looks like next year’s Chicago show may be my best next step since I live just outside Chicago. Would it be better to have it polished (and yes thank you I’ll definitely take the existing advice on finding a polisher) before the show or after? If the consensus at the show was that it was NOT genuine then it would save me the cost of polishing; but from my browse of the forum so far it looks like polishing may help in that decision. Mywei I also see discussion about Osaka vs Kyoto shinto and the characters do fit Osaka better based on my nearly 20 minutes now of expertise in the matter so thanks for the pointer there and I’ll have to search more on that too.
  3. My father-in-law had a knife collection including a few tanto; I was hoping someone could help with these inscriptions. The pair of knives are in the box whose picture is included; the one knife and inscribed scabbard has the Tokyo registration paper attached as well. I am assuming from the date on the registration paper that my father-in-law acquired these in the mid-1950s, but I have no details as to their origins. Thank you in advance for any ideas or pointers.
  4. I'm Internet-trained on this so please be patient with me. My father-in-law brought back from WWII what I believe is a chisa-katana; I have measured the nagasa at 20 7/8 inches (53.0225cm) and the nakago at 5 7/8 inches (14.9225 cm). He also collected knives and smaller blades in the years after WWII but this is one he brought back with him from his service around 1945 or shortly afterwards before he was deployed home. The blade has sat in his house since then so I know it is at least 75 years old but I don't have any details about how he acquired it (and he has unfortunately passed away). I've been told the signature is "Tamba no kami Yoshimichi" but I've also heard there were also fakes and I have no idea how to authenticate it. I am not looking to sell the blade, just understand more about its history. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Given the limits of the forum's attachment file sizes I have posted a few pictures here but I have more on a Google Drive at this link.
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