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  1. What is an “active” hamon? I understand a hamon is the wavy line in the blade but can’t find anything about an active hamon.
  2. I’m nowhere near a show but will definitely research everything about this topic. Good to know people are looking out for me on this. Thank you so much for your support.
  3. Thanks. Hoping it is authentic.
  4. Yes it has a bit of rust on the tip. I will definitely need to look into getting is restored somehow by a professional. I was amazed as to see how sharp this thing was even though it was sitting for many years. Any tips on sword metal care in the meantime? I know literally nothing about topic. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Brian. Here is a close up of the signature. It’s been sitting in a chest in our storage for over 50 years. My uncle sent it to my father from Japan but he passed about 6 years ago so we don’t know the history on it.
  6. Would anyone here know if this is an authentic sword? Asked around and I was told it said Bungo no kiri Yukihira. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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