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I consider myself a "sword rescuer" rather than a collector. Most of the swords I have, except for 1 which was a gift, were rescued from various types of abuse such as finger mark bruises, being tossed into buckets to get damaged, and those falling into a lack of respect. I decided a couple of years ago that i would have a challenge, after always being outbid on ebay before i could even finish my bid! i decided that i would look for the sword that no one else wanted. The exiled, abused and abandoned sword that no one wanted because it is just irreparable. well, i got it, finally. in these troubled times, i just felt that if i could save the sword, it would save my sanity. I finally got, not the whole sword, but the hilt- and a very broken and mangled one at that, from ebay. Because i don't care about selling it, i don't give a hang about its value whether worth a dollar or a million. I cleaned it up and now it is in a box with my journal as I start to learn what it has to tell me and as I try to find a blade for it and the other missing pieces-as well as someone who can make at least some attempts to patch it back together. I'm in here to learn from all the rest of you as part of my journey. 


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