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  1. I had no idea. I know very little about that sword. I just thought it was a very common type 95.
  2. The cutting edge is 30.2 cm and the Nakago is 10.8 cm the Kasane is .5 cm and the mihaba is 2 cm. the Kissaki is 2.5. cm. Does that see right, did I use the words correctly? the two swords were bought from two different people, so I don't believe they have anything to do with each other, although that would be cool. the small blade I was told is an Edo Period blade, and the middle wakazashi is a koto blade attributed to the UDA school by NBTHK. these are my first two swords.
  3. They really don't want you to see the blade in these auctions
  4. My best guess is that this might say Kanemitsu from looking at some other swords online. Is that possibly correct? Im also curious about the size of the blade, could it be for a young boy, its much smaller than even my other wakazashi and a friends sword from ww2.
  5. This is my first Nihonto, I am completely addicted now, but learning how to read Japanese isn't there yet, so I would appreciate any help.
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