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  1. Understand about the condition issues. But I feel the price has been adjusted to an affordable value for it so a newer collector can get a real piece of Japanese WW2 Military History as it was found by the veteran. Will consider serious offers if I'm missing the boat on this.
  2. Ok gentlemen, I need to move this Gunto soon to help fund some other projects. I am lowering the price down to $1250.00 shipped in the lower 48 states. I feel this is a great price for this war time example. Let me know if you want it. Thanks!
  3. Willing to do cash and a partial trade on this WW2 Gunto. Let me know if interested in doing something and we can talk. Will also consider cash offers.
  4. If anyone has interest in this fine sword I also have it listed on Gunbroker auctions #890622860. It has a lower starting price ($1375.00) and buy it now price at $1550.00, same as I have it here. Free shipping if sold here at $1550.00. This is a great form! Thanks again for the interest!
  5. Here is a pic showing the cutting edge length of the sword.
  6. Hopefully so! I just liked it for the period its from and the authenticity of it.
  7. Hi, I am a new member to this forum but have been on other sites/forums, under my same user name, for many years. I am not an avid or very experienced Japanese Sword enthusiast but have always been interested in WW2 era items for collecting. I am listing my WW2 Shin Gunto Japanese Officers Sword here in hopes of selling it to fund some other projects of interest. I purchased this sword many years ago from a fellow WW2 collector and know little about its history or origin other that it was obtained by a returning WW2 soldier in the Pacific. I have several pics to show condition here and will send others if requested. The only issues I see are the obvious 2 dings to the scabbard and one nick to the sword blade. Otherwise it seems pretty decent overall. Please contact me through text or calls at - 309-242-1537 if interested in it. Selling for $1550.00 shipped in the US. Thanks again!
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