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  1. Hey guys, thought I'd give a quick update on the sword. It's now in the hands of Andrew Ickeringill down in Melbourne. From a quick preliminary look at it he suggests that it is late kamakura, even possibly earlier and has a rough idea of the school the blade came from. There are a couple of problems with it however, the most glaring is the bend in the blade that has resulted in mukade-shinae. As well as some chips near the kissaki. That being said over the next 2-3 months in between polishes he will be straightening the blade and doing an appraisal and a window for me. Once that's been done I'll be back with more news!
  2. Okay, I'm back. Please forgive any incorrect terms I may use now or in the future, I have only a passing understanding of katana terminology. The sori is near exactly 70cm. I removed the habaki and could find no discernible inscriptions on any part of the tang. I found what looks like kanji on the spine and front of the habaki but can't make anything out due to the gunk. I wiped the blade and tang down with a small amount of gunoil, hopefully I didn't go overboard. I'm gonna include a few more photos for reference. Thanks to everyone for their help so far.
  3. Thanks for your quick replies. You are both indeed correct, it's spent the last 40 years in my dad's shed, my grandad brought it home after his service in the navy and it's been neglected ever since. I've removed the meguki and taken some photos, hopefully the lighting is decent. The total length of the blade from the end of the tang to the kissaki is 89.7cm.
  4. Hey guys, I've recently come into possession of a WW2 Japanese sword and would like some help identifying it's type and any info that you learned gentlemen can provide. I haven't disassembled it at this stage and I'm reluctant to remove the mekugi to check the tang due to the condition it's in (see 2nd last image). I hope the pictures are sufficient, if any more need to be taken please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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