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  1. You mean is it dated? No date.
  2. Yea I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow morning. I have to work all night.
  3. Thanks again Jean. Get well soon.
  4. Thank you, I hope you have a speedy recovery. I appreciate the help.
  5. Why does my tachi have an extra kanji before Norimitsu?
  6. The mei seems to read bishu osafune ju Norimitsu. Can’t seem to find any examples in any book I own. Any ideas?
  7. Thank you. So it basically means what country/province they are from. It’s not a title.
  8. What is the difference between koku ju and and kuni ju? Or is it the same thing? I can’t seem to find any information on the koku kanji. thank you
  9. I know what gimei is. It’s a false signature. In most cases a big name swordsmith on an average sword to bump up the value. That is not what I am asking. And I am in no way arguing if this signature is legitimate, I am not a professional in any way on the subject. I would think that a sword with a cutting edge of 30” is quite a accomplishment to craft that whoever forged this sword would have been proud enough of their work to put their name on it.
  10. Maybe gimei. But I have to wonder why with a sword this long that must have taken a pretty skilled swordsmith to create. 30” in a rather long sword. Why wouldn’t they sign their name?
  11. It seems to be hard to find a signature with these exact characters. Where would be a good place to search. Any books in mind? The sword is in military mounts. Gunto mounts I believe it’s called.
  12. So if the signature is correct this sword could be 1st generation yasutsugu? If I’m understanding this correctly. Sorry if I’m wrong I’m still rather new to this.
  13. Echizen is a place and Shimosaka is a school right?
  14. Hi, I have a sword that I would like to know some information on. The cutting edge is 30”. The nakago is signed but seems some of the characters are worn with age. Any information I could learn about this sword would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. So what I gather from this is that’s it’s a 1600’s sword made by Noshu ju Kanemoto. Probably not that high of a point maker in the Hawleys book. But still an interesting sword. Has anyone seen a hamon like this before. I thought it was really unique. Thank you all so much for the information.
  16. Is anybody familiar with this signature? What generation/year?
  17. https://imgur.com/a/dBC0B9P other pics here
  18. I’m pretty new to Japanese swords and I need a little help identifying this sword. Is this sword is a Kanemoto made blade and if so what generation. It has a pretty irregular hamon. Not sure what to make of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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