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  1. Looks similar to mine, but I could be wrong. I am sure another will be able to tell you further but it looks like a k98 shin gunta. Couldnt tell you on the name or anything on the age of the blade.
  2. Any idea of what each sword might be worth?
  3. here is some stamping on the tsuba. the same stamp is on every piece around the tsuba as well
  4. This is what I got from MilitaryItems.com Muneyoshi 宗吉 "This sword is signed Muneyoshi. The blade has been shortened several inches a long time ago so I can't tell if it is still katana length (cutting edge greater than 24 inches). The blade looks like it has some good age to it. It looks mid muromachi period at first glance (1500 or earlier). There were 60 or so makers that used the name Muneyoshi dating as far back as 1190 on up to the mid 1800s. It is hard to tell which is the exact sword smith from the photos." I just dont know how to figure out which Muneyoshi it is. , and if he was actually right in his assessment. The blade is for sure Katana length though.
  5. The links should work now I believe also.
  6. and here are some pictures of the muneyoshi sword Muneyoshi 宗吉
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