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  1. Thanks again guys for info on possible flag return. After reading comments and doing some research, I think I will hold onto it. At least I am pretty sure that it is original, unlike the sword. Photo attached
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for taking time to answer my inquiry with detail and photos. I can now see that this sword is not near the quality of the real thing. While disappointed, I prefer to know the truth. Knowing nothing about these swords, but having collected other WWII stuff for a long time, I knew the shipping crate was original. Never considered that the sword in it was not!! ( I acquired this collection 10 -15 years ago). The other items that I mentioned in this collection I also believe to be authentic, including Sgt. Day's uniform, campaign hat and dress hat, two knives (a K-BAR and PAL), leggings (with his name), and a silk Japanese Good luck flag, profusely signed. I did not acquire these to resell for a profit, but in my old age now thinking about what to do with them. Thought about another collector or a museum for the personal stuff of Sgt. Day. I was toying with trying to return the flag and sword to Japanese family, if possible. Glad I contacted you guys about the sword. Would have been embarrassing to try to return a fake sword!! One final question and maybe not appropriate for this site,,,, Concerning the flag, does anyone know of a "reliable" source to help identify and possibly return the flag. I can send photos if this helps.
  3. Can you tell me why you feel this is not original? Details!... I am not hung up on whether the sword is original or not, I would just like to know why, with some good evidence. I Have serious doubts that this sword, original or not, found it's way into a shipping crate, in 1945, that I know is original. Thanks Cal
  4. Thanks for comments guys. However, this sword was sent back to U.S (as far as I can see by label) in June 1945. I know very well that the Chinese can copy anything, and do so freely (I lived in China for a while), but at the end of the war, I think they had more worries than copies of Jap swords. I attach photos of the labels on the old box that the sword came in. Were these things being copied and sold that early after the war. Again, I am looking for info, but do not trust quick rejections. Cheers, Mad Dog
  5. I have a sword that I acquired years ago as part of a WWII US Marine vet's estate. I got it along with other items identified to this Vet. ( don't know why family would part with these things, but???) Sword was still in it's WWII wooden shipping case from Japan to his mother. I would appreciate any info from you guys that know about these. I can see no name on it. It is excellent condition and still has grease (cosmoline? on blade). I will try to attach photos, but I am new here so..., Thanks for any help, Mad DOg
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