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  1. Hi guys I have this one by Bishu Ju Hisayama Suketaka Saku February 1865 cheers Glenn
  2. thank you very much geraint any info is helpful and it has some age to it .glenn
  3. Hi everyone, just chasing info on approx age. Nagasa is 18 inch and has no signature on tang. Any help much appreciated. cheers Glenn
  4. hi guys does any one know what is written on the saya regards glenn
  5. thanks to everyone for there help . very interesting regards glenn
  6. hi john i was holding the handle blade was not on the tiles it does look like that in the pic though . the blade is 58cm sorry about that i haven't worked out how to do the pics properly yet glenn
  7. 1st post longtime browser, I received this sword from a friend who's uncle brought it back from New Guinea. I think it maybe an old blade in a late war Koshirae. Blade is 58 cm in length and very heavy. Opinion's please regards Glenn
  8. Hi can I get an idea on the age of this wakizashi please nagasa is 38.5cm sori is approximately 1cm regards Glenn
  9. Hi guys can I please get translation assistance on this sword please regards Glenn
  10. Hi guys Was just wondering if anyone has a Kai Gunto for sale. Price range would depend on its condition. regards Glenn
  11. can i buy this please regards glenn
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