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  1. Thanks for this. A quick search of "Inshū ju Kagenaga" found this site: https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KAG119 If this is correct, does this mean the sword is from the 1429-1441 Eykio period? I think I'll have to do a deeper dive on this.
  2. Very deep indeed. And very interesting. I'm sure it could quickly become an addiction. Thanks for the link.
  3. Thanks everyone! This is helpful. I realized if was missing pieces, and thought it was perhaps was only a tsuba. So now knowing what else is lost is helpful. I wonder if there is a site that could provide the appropriate period replacements? It does seem to be a rather crude sword. I thought perhaps it was a common soldier's sword. Is there any way I can better pinpoint the date? Also, if I were to repair it or have it repaired, can anyone suggest an information source, either print or online? Unfortunately, I have no idea how my grandfather came to have it. He was a Canadian Brig-General based in Washington during WW2. He never spent any time in the east. It's likely someone gave it to him as a gift. Thanks again.
  4. Hello from Canada. I'm seeking information on this sword I inherited this sword from my grandfather. I suspect it may be Japanese, but can't be sure. Unfortunately, it's in a sorry state, and, I believe, is missing some parts. I've attached photos here, including the tang, which is inscribed. All suggestions, info, and recommendations much appreciated. Douglas
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