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  1. Oh wow, this is really cool! Thanks for sharing! I wish there was a way to tell the difference. The Hamon on this is very different from mine. It leads me to think that they werent made by the same person. If I read right, Hattori Masahiro didnt personally make the swords, sometimes prisoners would sign his name? Or something to that extent.
  2. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it. Is it missing a tassle or did some come without?
  3. Not at this point. I'm just somewhat confused by terminology and other languages. I thought I had this all figured out at some point, and I clearly was misinformed. Im just a methodical person so it seemed simple to type it all out to make sure I collected all of the info accurately. I paid $700 for the sword, so I was curious what it was worth. Some of the prices ive been seeing in the BST area are 4-6 thousand the prices I was seeing on ebay were less. So thats confusing to me also. I wasnt sure if that was the term I should be researching. I'll start poking around.
  4. I am trying to place a value on this sword. Between all of you guys helping I think I have this right. This is a Kai-gunto made in the Takayama-To style. Its a Type 97 Naval officers sword from WW2. The sword smith is Hattori Masahiro and the polisher is Ito Rokusuke. Is the blade condition what we would call Excellent? The retention cord is considered to be rare. The handle is made of shark skin. Is there anything noteworth that it is missing?
  5. Interesting. So the sword Style is a Takatyama-To? But the sword smith himself is unknown. Im to understand the engraving is the name of the polisher? I also thought the retention cord was maybe someone trying to replace a lost one. It didnt look like any photos I saw. Is this entirely what it says or only partially? I cant seem to remove this screenshot for some reason.
  6. Thank you so much! I was told it as Emura, so I feel more educated today
  7. I am as new as it gets when it comes to my knowledge of these military swords. I work for a pawn shop and I purchased this sword. I was told it was a Naval Kai Gunto. I believe its a Chounsai Emura. It does have a wide kissaki which, if what I read is correct, was a style that Emura used. the Tsuba and its parts all have matching serial numbers "499" Any info I can get would be much appreciated. This stuff is so fascinating. Here is a link to the gallery if needed. https://imgur.com/a/PhJUZvY
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