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  1. I have been looking around online for a silver finish tsuba and haven't had much luck. One question I have... I see alot of tsuba's that are one piece and ones and have many pieces. Can somone let me know exactly what I'm looking for to make mine complete? pictures welcome. Thanks everyone
  2. Thank you everyone so much for your help. me and my family are overwhelmed with the help. Does anyone possibly have a link or information on Seishin (or Shōshin) the maker of the blade? I'm making a dysplay for the sword and would like more information on the maker.
  3. Thanks for all the updated information friends. here is some new pictures of the blade I also did a rub of the makers mark and colored it in to show it off more so we can figure out the maker.
  4. Thanks again everyone for your help. does anyone have an idea on the value of my sword? I will never sell it but I'm just curious around what it is worth. I'll also know for insurance reasons as well. thanks again , Mike
  5. Thanks again Grey. I have a Japanese family flag by chance would you be able to read it if I take pics?
  6. Oh yeah I would never get it replated. I will display it as it is now. I also have a Japanese family flag my grandfather brought back. From what some have told me the way its signed it seems to be a gift flag and not one a soldier carried. I have all the letters my grandfather sent home while in the war so I'm hoping I find somthing in there referencing both the sword and flag.
  7. Thank you so much Grey. I appreciate the information very much. I will put a new pin in for sure. do you have any insight if this might be a silver plate or not? thanks again
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