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  1. Do you recognize this decoration / mark?  



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    2. Japanese matchlock

      Japanese matchlock

      Also there is a semi circle, half horseshoe or U decoration is that gold leaf or what?

    3. Japanese matchlock
    4. Bugyotsuji


      Sorry for the absence. Just woken up. ‘Ohio’ gozaimasu!

      Yes, many Zogan decorations were added after the Bakumatsu and Into Meiji to appeal to Western buyers, unemployed artisans looking for work. Rather than gold you will find silver, copper and Shinchū (brass) were used. I agree that those ones are a bit of a mystery! It has been said that back in the day a military gun should not have any (or strictly minimal) decoration along the barrel.

  2. First I would like to apologize for any breach of protocol, as is painfully obvious this is my first foray into Japanese matchlocks. I will take down any mention of the message board. I was assuming any potential buyer would want an expert opinion like that of Bugyotsuji’s . If anyone is interested in the item please reach out to me at 717 512 5775 I would prefer someone who understands and appreciates the history become the next owner. Best wishes and once again I sincerely apologize. Matt
  3. My name is Matthew Fitzgerald — thank you so much, does the signature look original to you? Someone is questioning it. I removed barrel and had to take toothbrush to it to remove some dirt and then wetted to make more visible. Do you have any info on this person? Specifically when he lived -for dating purposes. Thanks again! matt
  4. I am trying to translate or identify this signature somehow it is from the bottom of the barrel near the trigger end. Any info would be appreciated. I believe it is late 18th century it is 54” length 5/8” bore. I can track it back to it be purchased at an auction in the Chicago area between 1930-1955 by a wealthy industrialist.
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