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  1. Hi Guys, Im new to the site so not got into the swing of how its all works and navigation yet. Im looking for fittings Sea Motif, Shrimp, crab, koi, sea horses etc. Im happy to mix and match but finding it hard to find. would anyone have any for sale or be able to point me in the right direction. I consider myself a novice on Nihonto and have just get me first Katana which is now being polished so have time to get it all sorted . I do have a limited budget as not flush but times on side so can get a bit at a time.. Any help most welcome Thanks in advance. Jeff
  2. Hi Guys, Ive very ne two the site and haven't worked my was around it as yet. Im looking for full set of Fittings for a bien blade Im having replaced etc. Im looking for Waster animals motif's, shrimp, koi, crabs sea horses. etc. Any help or pointers most welcome. Ive a modest budget but all help most welcome. Many thanks in advance and I am a novice also, to help is key for me.. best jeff
  3. jeff


    Hi, Im looking for Koi carp Menuki & Tusba if anyone is selling? Thanks in advance jeff
  4. Hi Guys, Just got my first katana which is now off to be polished. blade length 61.3cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.8cm im looking looking for full set of fittings. Iron, with silver or gold. Koi, dragon, tiger with water or cloud motif. Any help is most welcome thanks jeff
  5. Hello Guys, Thanks for having me on board. This blade has come from one of the Kashima sister's yes, Sumie chan has mentioned its poss Chikakage but we will have a better idea once returned from polish. I just thought I'd ask you guys as you have a lot of experience. The blade it without papers but Andy q mentioned I should have it submitted once polished. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Guys, Ive got this blade coming and as Im a novice I'm after any help poss. Looks bizen to me but all info most welcome. Thanks in advance...
  7. Hi All, Can anyone have any info on the above Smith SUKEMITSU please? Cheers.. Jeff..
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