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  1. Cheers guys. I was semi-confident I had a fair idea but wanted those more knowledgeable than I to have a look.
  2. Apologies. These are the figures I would like to get for the swords, but open to offers. Sword 1 - 1,150 AUD Sword 2 - 800 AUD Sword 3 - 950 AUD
  3. G'day Everyone, I'd love to gather extra information on what I've got. This sword will be for sale on sale's page, I am just gathering every bit of information I can beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am selling 3 Type 95s. Happy to sell together or separately. Located in Australia. I know their relative worth, but don't know enough to set prices so am more than happy to accept advice, answer questions and open to offers. Sword 1 - Sword 2 - Sword 3 -
  5. Apologies Brian, the swords were sold to one of your forum members and I believe he is very happy with his purchase. I didn't update the thread because I know some people prefer to keep some anonymity when purchasing swords privately, especially given the rarity of the late war one. Looking through other posts though it seems to be customary to keep the thread regularly updated though so in the future I'll make sure to do so.
  6. I agree Brian the assistance has been wonderful. I'll do what I can to make sure someone here gets a nice rare addition to their collection. The help from everyone is highly appreciated so I thank you all.
  7. I didn't even look for a sales section. Foolish of me. Thank you for your time on this
  8. Thank you Brian for your honesty. I certainly wasn't trying to push a sale through this forum but if this avenue led to a buyer I would happily give them a great deal on the figures you suggested and a donation to the forum. It's great in my line of business when information is fast at hand and happily supplied by those who enjoy it. Try trawling forums and books for a rare porcelain mark, it's painful! By the top one are you referring to the wooden handled one?
  9. Thank you for the swift replies. To Chris, thanks for the information. In all honesty, I am not confident enough to disassemble and reassemble the swords so if that is needed I will have to run through a few youtube tutorials first. To Bruce, again, thanks for the information. I was hoping to get $1000 USD for the pair ($700 & $300 respectively). Given the information you provided and the condition of the blades (they had been stored away in a collection since the mid 60s I was told) I should have no trouble getting a reasonable price for them.
  10. Good Day All from Australia I am a young antiques dealer from Brisbane, Australia. I recently acquired these swords and am trying to gather all the information and opinions I can to be confident in reselling them. The sword with factory numbers and markings is 36 1/2 inches in length, with a blade length of 27 1/2 inches. The other sword is 38 inches overall with a blade length of 26 1/2 inches. I have little knowledge in this area so any information would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, the sale of these swords are much stricter in Australia and therefore there is little reference I can find to what people are actually willing to pay in the current market. If it is agreed these swords are genuine - if I could be provided with a reasonable estimation of their current market value it would also be greatly appreciated.
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