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  1. Hi From my untrained eye I would say it looked punched as there is perceptive slanting of the hole where the punch has gone through. The hole is not what id expect to see around the inner edges if drilled, it looks uneven and not clinical. I have tried to photograph it but without success but its 2137 here so no natural light. Hope this helps Regards Ivan
  2. Brian Here is the description
  3. Gents Here are some more photos. Regards Ivan
  4. Gents I hope these photos help Regards Ivan
  5. Jean As I say I am a total novice, I am trying to learn the nomenclature but I do struggle. Help me out in the most novice way and I will provide the photos you require Regards Ivan
  6. Hi Brian Gents, I really appreciate your help here. As i say i am a novice, I know how to take it apart but it is oiled and at the moment I have no white (cotton??) gloves to handle the piece, nor any oil to treat the blade with. Will it be ok to go ahead or wait until I have the correct protective gloves. I know not to touch the blade but as I say it is oiled at the moment. Regards Ivan
  7. Hello and thank you for allowing me to join this Forum. I have a certain expertise in edged weapons but not in this sphere,so I lay myself open here as a complete novice. I have just obtained this Tanto and I would like to know your opinions on it. Ivan
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