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  1. I know here in U.K we are due to yet another update to our laws regarding knives and blades which i think comes into affect end of October, but as far as i know that is regarding posting restriction or ban and importing certain blades ,and also knives like spring assisted knives are to be banned.But i'm thinking now that this is a U.K. Ebay bidding problem, because i went onto U.S. Ebay and put bid on a tanto there ,without bid getting blocked.I checked customs here and they have no problem with "antique swords or knives" at the moment until new restrictions come in affect.
  2. Just out of interest,has there been some changes within Ebay , a couple of items that i have put bids on ,have come back with this notice “Dear Buyer To prevent the circumvention of the eBay.co.uk and eBay.ie Weapon and Knives policy, it is not possible for you to bid on, or buy this item. Thank you for your understanding. eBay Trust & Safety {e66652-651407x} , Action: 651407 [ 12310 ]. I have just lost out on a tanto and Wakizashi because bid blocked, not by sellers as had items of them before in past with no problems, so was wondering if this is a new U.K thing. I have asked for clarification as to the notice but in mean time was wondering if any one else as problems. many thanks Cliff
  3. I flew out to Germany to purchase a couple of swords from the Strebel brothers,very nice and helpful people , beautiful high quality items,i highly recommend them.
  4. If you want to send your list to Santa , lots 1-51 , 5th Dec . i have been naughty so he won’t come to me. Just type “Japanese” in search bar . http://www.thomasdelmar.com/Catalogues/as051218/default_tdm.html good luck if your bidding Cliff Hughes
  5. i'm London depending how quick you need them picked up and how you want them sent.PM me see if i can help. Cliff
  6. As santa said i have been naughty this year and spent to much on blades and tsuba’s this year, he won’t bring me any of these, I have been to view, and what a pleasure.Good luck if you are tempted.Just search catalogue for ...Japanese Cliff http://www.thomasdelmar.com/
  7. If you want to treat yourself to a pre Xmas present,there are so nice treats from the Dolphyn Collection coming up at this auction in the way of Katan's,Tanto's,fittings,armour ect.My piggy bank is in rehab at moment do to overwork. http://www.mallams.co.uk/auctions/chinese-art-Japanese-indian-islamic-art-cheltenham/
  8. I give up, i broke into my piggy bank today for auction to purchase tanto and wakizashi , and this appears lol. . it is nice and hope you get a quick sale Rob, cliff
  9. Chiburi

    Tsuba Photos

    i know that tsuba . Cliff
  10. Not so much as to details but more about it being nice, thank you for the info John. regards Cliff
  11. I would be obliged if anyone can throw some light on this tsuba . I did post this on facebook , and although people were kind enough with comments, i 'm interested in finding the style,period ,ect. I thank you for any help you may be able to give.( new to message board posting so i hope not broken any rules ) Cliff
  12. can i beg sympathy and declare old age lol i have trouble working out tv remote. hope this works, if it dont i will go back in my corner and shut up.but thank you all Cliff http://i1327.photobucket.com/albums/u678/IaidoChiburi/logo/Tsuba/tsuba%20gilt_zpsnyggbk3m.jpg
  13. Very sorry not putting name , new at this forum posting , hopefully i dont mess this up. i have managed to remove the many layers of paint . i was told to use a hairdrier to get paint soft and wooden tooth picks to lift the paint. this worked a dream with no damage to the tsuba (slow work ). To my surprise there was a design under the paint which i could not see. There looks like it may have had gilt in the past, as small speck on top of design (did check paint specks none came off with paint). Forgive me i dont know how to put photos here .Thank you all for your comments. Cliff Hughes
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